God bless the NHS

So far this year I have had numerous rheumatology appointments/help from the advice line, multiple trips to my GP (too many to count), flu jab, pneum jab, four lots of antibiotics, a trip to neurology plus investigations, dentist visits, including an emergency appointment today within an hour of phoning, blood tests, urine tests, xrays, ultrasounds, CT scan, orthotics, podiatry, cardiology appointments, referals to oral surgery and urology to come. I have regular prescriptions too numerous to count (I have an annual season ticket).

I am very grateful that I was born in a country that covers me for my many conditions and am fully aware that in other countries I would not get or could not afford health insurance. The help/treatment that I get has enabled me to continue in full time work, even though it's a struggle at times.

I am extremely worried that the misinformation fed by the government to the media is being taken in by the public and this outstanding institution will come to an end.

We must not let this happen.

Nuff said.

J xXx

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  • I will second you on your email. I often think 'what on earth would have happened to me if it wasn't for the NHS' We are the envy of the world - people do take the enormous risks to live in this country to have the benefit of this most amazing institution and the first class care we get from (most) Drs and nurses x

  • I agree! Without the NHS I would be crippled. Probably literally. I've been paying privately to see a podiatrist and knowing how much that costs, I don't want to think about the price of the meds, the appointments, the bloods, the X-rays and the injections. And that's without anything that a healthy person would suffer from! Definitely pleased to be fighting my RA as a Brit!

  • I am with you here. The care I am receiving is wonderful and I cannot envisage having better treatment elsewhere xxx

  • Agree with you 100%. It sickens and worries me that the government are slowly and deliberately trying to dismantle our nhs and trying to convince the public that the nhs is failing so there won't be too much objection to changes.Where will it leave all of us and our families? My family have needed the nhs this past year or so more than ever before, some very worrying events and 1 nice event.....birth of granddaughter.

    thanks for posting, it's a good reminder for us all to value what we have xx

  • Totally agree, all my working life I was a nurse in the NHS. With my RA I thank god I was born in this country, I do wonder how poor people cope in other countries. Even the so called powerhouses of the world today do not care for everyone the same. We always hear in the papers bad experiences but never the good. I've had so many good, been cared for well. We must never let the NHS go by government stealth.

  • Any contact I've had with the NHS has been amazing. The staff are kind, patient helpful. We take what we have far too much for granted. I get so angry that there are so many missed appointments - so many that apparently, if there were none there would be no waiting lists! - I'm worried about the Trans Atlantic (TTIP) agreement which could possibly give private american companies too much power over our government (NHS). I never understand where so much misinformation comes from in this country - I think we can blame the press as much as the government - who knows - anyway LONG LIVE THE NHS

  • I agree with you about the press, they are totally complicit. What happened to investigative journalism?

  • Franny, I agree with you about this TTIP, I'm having nightmare about it. I was reading just last week that 32 chemicals that are banned in the EU have been passed to be used here in Europe....32 of them! Most of the negotiations are done in private and we hear nothing about them until decision have been made. Please everyone if you hear about any protests, meeting anything take an active part, we don't need American or multinational chemical companies here with their poisons so that the 1% can get even richer than they are......

  • Couldn't agree with the praise of the NHS more. I came to England 31 years ago from Switzerland. There you have to have private cover by law and there is a three tier system. I'm convinced that if my brother had lived in England he would still be alive today. He could only afford the lest costly insurance and therefore did not qualify for certain expensive medicines. So NHS please stay healthy!

  • So sorry to hear about your brother xXx

  • Thank you Jacey. This was years ago, but it's still a waste of a life and nothing has changed over there. So let's count our blessings and thank all NHS staff for their tireless dedication.

  • Couldn't agree more.....we are so very, very lucky to have the NHS....just think for a minute what our lives would be like if we didn't have it!!

    Both my parents are elderly, Daddy is 91 and Mother is 87. Between them they have multiple diseases and conditions but their treatment is 1st class. Their every need is seen to and their care is beyond compare.

    I recently was visiting someone in hospital and the man in the opposite bed raised a whole stink about his lunch as he said "not fit to feed to pigs".......well I can tell you my temper got the best of me.....I went over to him and told him he must be ready to go home now as if that was all he had to complain about there wasn't much wrong with him!!!!!! I was so angry. There were nurses, cleaners, doctors, technicians, nurse helpers etc, etc, all doing their very best to help patients and this ignorant gulpin (is that an Irish word only?) could do nothing but complain about his salad......he should be on his knees thanking the stars above for having the NHS, there are millions around the world who would give their eye teeth for it......there now I've started.....I could spit I get so angry at people sometimes....and I haven't even started about all that has and is still being done for me this past 4 years since I was diagnosed with RD and just recently with Bronchiectasis (that another story for another time).

    As for the sitting government I dread to think what they will do to the NHS......they are gradually privatising it and won't stop until they are stopped! This is one topic that really get my blood up......as you've guessed no doubt......I really needed that rant so I did. XXX

  • it's all got be paid for though. it's time surely that some if not most of us take responsibility for what we put our own bodies and health through and not just expect the NHS or the Gov to pick up the pieces.

    I say that from the perspective of being an ex-pat who has to use the French system. The System (I'm not saying the treatment ) here is generally better and faster for referrals, blood tests, Hosp appts, MRI scans so the mechanics of it are great - but yes it comes at a cost depending on finances and personal circumstances. And why shouldn't I contribute a little, like other expats here who are working and pYing their taxes and social charges here to the French gov, just like in UK you pay taxes and NI, but why not pay a little more? Ok so it means you don't buy the new car yet, extra wide tv, latest gadgetor have the dearer holiday abroad!

    In France most, if not all, don't go abroad for holidays, don't buy property to sell at higher prices a few years later. I was born, lived and worked all my life in UK, only coming here after retirement. Seeing and living with a totally different culture, has made me realise how so consumer led and materialistic we were there. We took, the NHS and Social Services if necessary, for granted and Brits still do today!

    Not prepared to give up their luxuries and thinking that many non essentials are essential and that demands should be heeded! A good, yes the best top rated health system, the NHS, is a price worth paying for to keep at the expense of adjusting your own attitudes to it. Your doctors and nurses are great - (generally and mostly). Although I paid my dues in UK I wasn't a drain on the NHS as enjoyed good health and health care.

    with help from the French financial system to pay my new and recently taken out Private Health Insurance Policy, (had to be set up for me with help of a Social Worker here) I have been quite a drain on French health resources over last 3 years, but still pay my own part premium costs and other expenses. How long that will last I don't know, retiring and moving here at age of 60, the UK Gov now deems and has from this year stopped the WFA part of our State pension, and from next April we will not get the normal annual Pension Increase anymore that I and many other expat pensioners have paid for have always received. I already made sure all my contributions were fully paid up in 2007 so I could draw my full UK pension. I did not have to rely on any contributions from OH. Instead of getting our increases we are now to help subsidise the NHS because it goes against the grain in the UK to pay for medical care, just because it's a National Institution.

    Sorry to get political here, but I also think he NHS is worth paying for to help save!

  • Oh this is a rant, sounds like your angry. I have to say there are a great many people in the UK who don't have your life style ie go abroad for holidays or buy property to sell on nor who can afford to retire abroad. I for one do not take the nhs for granted and this post was to say how wonderful they are . You are entitled to have your opinions but to say the French don't go abroad is a bit far fetched they can afford to having sold there barns and family properties for inflated prices to us !!! Who knows what will happen in the future but for now I am just showing my appreciation.

  • No not having a rant Lainee, just being more realistic!

    For your information also, my lifestyle comprises, 3 problematic health conditions 2 of which I didn't have when moving here, which also caused a marriage separation. So I Live alone here on my UK pension, in rented accommodation in a small rural French village, with no transport, relying on a couple of expats who live elsewhere, to give me a lift to get shopping fortnightly! If you want my lifestyle you are welcome to it! My social life such as it is, is with local French residents only, on a daily basis. That's what I based my comments on, that knowing the French property market and the fact it's the 3rd such small commune I've lived in since moving here! And no they are not as materialistic here as Brits in UK are.

    I would remind you also that Exchange rates affect how much your purchase here would have or will cost you here. I huge barn ready for conversion or converted already in UK would cost you more than here in rural France!

    I presume you live in France all year round do you? - or you one of the lucky ones who owns a home in UK and can afford to buy a holiday home in France as well, As you profess to know about the property market here. Most French owned village properties pass from one generation to another, they don't get sold on, there may well be inflated property prices in the large cities and larger towns in the South of France and places like Paris. However most are like the small communities I lived in in Kent or N Essex, where At least they had some form of rural transport which I also don't have here, unless I can get taken to a town!

    My thoughts on the NHS and peoples attitudes to and about it have never changed, I thought the same when living in UK till I was 60! it was purely sale of our last home in UK that enabled a move here, to buy quite cheaply and renovate ourselves, for health and better weather reasons. Where I live now in the Sarthe has pretty much same weather climate as s coast of England! !

    I'll be happy to accept your apology for making such presumptions about my lifestyle, when most of what I wrote initially was based on knowledge from the French I've lived amongst year round since 2008, plus eternal years of living with the english Attitude to the NHS, that you mustnt touch or change it! So how should it get paid for then, if not by separating pension contributions from other NI contributions and taxes and why shouldn't systems be altered to change with a world full of change! As I said the health system works faster here, the working and state assisted French contribute extra over and above social charges, towards it, it's just not free, unless they have specific life-threatening conditions, of which I have only 1 now!

    As in any country there are rich and poor alike. My only luxury here now is a satellite dish and larger screen TV, and I watch UK TV most of the time, so am very well aware of what's happening there especially having married sons and grandchildren still living in UK, with whom there is very little contact as they are all busy enjoying their own well earned and paid for by them lifestyles over there which I don't begrudge at all and yes they could afford to contribute extra if UK Government policy changed so why shouldn't they!

    I don't decry the NHS or the staff, and I didn't before! I had plenty of reason to appreciate and applaud it, but it doesn't mean how it's funded or run shouldn't be changed. the very name NHS, why shouldnt it just be called the Health Service, allowing for a change in mindset also as to ways and means of running it. Every time anyone turns up At the doctors or hospital for something 'serious' treatment would still continue to be 'free at the point of delivery' which it isn't here, where most things Are costed and charged for at prices set by the Government of which 65 or 70% is paid by the state to the provider, the other 35 or 40% being mostly covered by the private insurance cover, the level of which most of is determined by what your income allows you to decide you will pay for! As said above, if your income is too low then you are covered here, except for stays in hospital to cover food and bed. I had to spend 1 night in hospital for each cataract operation, they would not let me come home to be alone. It cost me 54 euros only for each night. I was in from 7am 1st day till discharge late following morning after having been seen by and spoken to the opthalmology surgeon! I don't call that excessive!

    I had 4 MRI's last year for other reasons, before my new insurance policy had commenced it didn't cost me a penny, also a licensed for patient transport taxi takes me to all hospital appts. The nurse comes to my home At 7am to take my blood samples. The following day I have the results in the post! Whichever doctor or specialist needs the results has them on their computer same day! Wouldn't you like the NHS to work like that?

  • I will gladly apologise for commenting on your life style and for any offence caused to you. I sincerely wish you well.

  • thank you Lainee, I both appreciate and respect you for it. I also apologize to you if any of my reply caused offense. I wish you well with your conditon/s.

  • Thank you , sometimes we might have different points of view but as long as we can offer support to each when needed all is well. I am sure if we were sat discussing this over a cuppa we would have a very interesting but friendly conversation. The written word is not always the best means of communication. Have a good weekend I hope the weather is better where you are than here !!

  • thanks Lainee, a friend took me out yesterday to Le Mans center, we had a practice going there by train from the nearest town to us . Hopefully one day soon I'll be able to do it on my own if needed. It's the only town I can buy shoes from that will fit me feet, both wide eee, one size 5 the other 5.5 in length. Hence my late replytoday, it was lovely and warm yesterday with some sun, today its breezy, cold and damp. I'd hoped to go our village Memorial service but think it wiser just to go to cafe. I've lost my UK poppy buttonhole also sadly.

    Yes I reckon we could have some interesting chats there! if you are ever near this way, it would be good to meet! I am 30+ kms, 40 mins (Hosp taxi) from Le Mans. it's quicker by train, then tram into cite square where all the shops are, where I found a shop displaying Clarks shoes, so a return soon on a weekday is essential! Shirley x.

  • We've stayed in Beaumont-sur-Sarthe a few times when travelling through France on our way to Spain. It's a beautiful area. :)

  • thanks for your reply nomoreheels. Sadly I would not describe this particular area as beautiful, flat and uninteresting to me, from the little I've seen of it. Yes the chateaux are pretty impressive in their various locations. I think the better beauty is in the the mountain regions of France, always reminds me of Scotland so why I prefer the SW of France.

  • Maybe because we lived in the mountains I saw the beauty of the area, the change if you understand?! We saw precious little that route until we stopped, I much preferred it over motorway all the way!

  • I mentioned on another thread but it feels fitting here.

    Yesterday, I collapsed in the waiting room at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital when I was there for nerve tests. (I was later told what happened next as I was out cold on the floor!) My mum called for help, they hit a button to call the crash team and 15 (!) medical professionals came running. They put me in the recovery position, put an oxygen thingy on my finger, administered oxygen, put on a blood pressure cuff and physically lifted me onto the trolley. Within 10/15 minutes of collapsing, I'd had an ECG and was in a cubicle. I had regular observations for a few hours. The consultant stayed with me the entire time, as did a nurse which I was very surprised about. When they finally felt I was well enough to come home, a porter helped me into a wheelchair and delivered me to the car. Today, the consultant's secretary phoned to check how I was and to re-book next week.

    That was just one event. It would take too long to list all that the NHS has done for me and I know I occasionally have a whinge but I am a huge supporter of our system. We are so lucky.

  • Hope your feeling better what a nightmare x

  • I've just seen this post as I finished my reply to lanee. Yes it's great I had service almost like that over 30 years ago when my lung collapsed At home! But it shouldnt have to be sudden collapse that gets you that much attention. read my last paragraph above! There was no emergency at all in that instance. I'm not criticising medical staff and haven't been as far as NHS is concerned - it's the day to day hands off attitude of the public that gets me - no change, no way - not prepared generally to be responsible for their own health a lot of them, even though the country can't afford for the NHS to continue being funded in the way it is currently is.

    Obviously here on Health Unlocked most if not all are preppared to do whT they can to help themselves, or we wouldn't be here having this discussion at all!

    So what about the ones who aren't prepared to take some responsibility for things within their own control and still expect the NHS to fund and their medical staff to take the responsibility for them? That's all I was saying about the need for changes to keep the Health Service affordable to run - or there won't be one! I heard on Uk news recently that 5 I think, Health Authorities between them, expect to be a several million if not billion in the red by next April!

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