The disgrace of HAH

I am so incensed by the treatment by this company. Healthcare at Home are treating far too many of us in such an appalling way. So for your info I have registered an official complaint with the pharmacy regulation organisation. My MP and to Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary. This cannot be allowed to continue and would ask that any one affected please help in this task. Something should be done, this is nothing short of a national scandal. Rant over for now. Will keep you all updated.

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  • Good for you. I haven't been affected but it's very upsetting to hear what you've all been going through and would support anything you do, like petitions

  • I'm not sure if its working yet - sometimes I feel a bit better…

    And I'm also a bit confused - our hospital uses BUPA home healthcare as opposed to healthcare at home… I think they are different.

  • Hi I don't have anything to do with HAH but thought I would mention that there's been a lot of anger about this on threads on the Arthritis Care Living with Arthritis forum so it might be worth galvanising them with your petition too? Twitchy

  • I only use one other community regularly and I don't have any experience of Healthcare at Home. So it is up to those affected to sound out other communities as only these people have direct experience of HAH's incompetence. I was just trying to be helpful by pointing out it doesn't just affect those on this forum because solidarity with others affected will be more effective.

    Regards Twitchy

  • Soon starting Humira so I've been reading posts about HAH with some concern. Well done Footdoc, so glad you acted, nothing will change if we don't take it beyond complaining on forums.

  • I've had problems with them as well. I agree that something must be done about it. They supply drugs not only to us but to people with lots of other health problems.

    Here is a link to a NHS Choices review site, I have put it in another thread but reposting it incase anyone missed it. They got one star out of five, probably got one because you can't give them no stars.

    You will see that there are loads of complaints from people suffering from various illness. People who are ill do not need the extra worry and stress regarding their drugs.


  • Hi, NRAS has been in regular contact with H@H to raise all the issues being raised on this site as well as on the NRAS Forum and via emails and calls to our Helpline. We have been keeping the pressure on H@H to resolve the issues and are aware that a great deal has been done by H@H to resolve the problems but there is still a long way to go before all the problems are solved. I've now asked H@H to give NRAS a weekly update that we can share with you all via our website. We need to see how many complaints are being made, how they are being dealt with and hopefully start to see a reduction in complaints to give us all hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. We were promised that by the end of May normal services will be restored but it is obvious that this is far from being the reality. Please do keep NRAS notified of specific issues as we are keeping a record of them all but we do need tangible facts, dates, etc. If you would like to send a detailed breakdown of your specific issues to NRAS to add to our catalogue of issues please email While we can't promise to resolve your problem, (I truely wish we could) hard facts are useful to galvanise our continued pressure on the company to address the totally unacceptable stress and risk to your health that many of you are experiencing.

  • I too have had problems with deliveries, and trying to contact them, so fully support you with this. regards bluetit33

  • Well done. Their service is erratic at best. I was due a delivery on Friday. The tracker said between 5 and 7pm. It didn't turn up. I left an email message on their support page but have not received any reply or explanation.

    The meds turned up this morning - without prior arrangement. Thank goodness I was in.

  • Just a quick update for you. My local hospitals' rhuematology department and the pharmacy department have been logging a list a complaints and been passing them onto various bodies that could possibly help sort this scandal out. I have been transferred to BUPA at home who apparently have a good reputation for fulfilling their part of the deal. So I can look forward to achieving some level of control of my PsA. However, for those who are still at HAHs' mercy I will continue to fight as I am only too well aware how difficult it can be for some people. I do actually care about people who are being let down in situations such as this and will not walk away because I am now sorted. Let us all provide the info needed to NRAS it would really be so helpful to them. Please help them with your support.

  • I was at my hospital today and they are doing the same with the added if any of their patients get low then we have to email them and they will intervene on our behalf.

  • With regards to HAH. You can also log your gripe on the NHS Choices website, quite therapeutic!

  • I've been using them for about 6years now and they are simply getting worse! How did you make an official complaint? I would dearly like to do the same. They are supposed to be there to provide a service for sufferers like ourselves and I do not feel they are doing so.

  • Why not take a look at this?

  • Hi all

    Glad to see the publicity in the Guardian, Telegraph and Independent. First thing today the postie brought me a 2 page letter of apology from HAH. All blaming everybody but themselves.

    Guess what! Despite all the promises that I would get my supply today. IT HASN'T ARRIVED. Now why am I not surprised. So glad I will get my drugs from another provider.

  • It's only through patients ('customers') keeping the pressure on, that this has reached the front pages. HaH have had every chance to improve their service. There has been no oversight regarding their performance: regulatory bodies should be ashamed. Their lack of intervention has caused inestimable distress. This has been a scandal, and thank goodness it has come to public attention.

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