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New pip assessment


Hi guys, hope everyone is ok?

Had to fill in new forms back in April a year before my pip finishes, sent them off and now have to go to another assessment!!

I'd put not much has changed and what has was slightly worse, I have RA OA And fibro, so more stress and more waiting again, bloody hate these things!! Why is it us with longterm progressive Conditions having to be re tested, I feel like they don't believe us!!??

Any tips muchly appreciated, but it's only 2 weeks away do wel see!!

Regards, Ant 😁🐜

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Hi Dave these reassessments where meant you stop getting reassessed it is the DWP who are not abiding by it and passing you on for advice would be just do the same as last time but take no chances there is mixed results here .and Stick to your guns with how far you can walk and the help and care .and there has been a lot of comments on the reports the now about how you look and walk at assessment and if your in pain? No sure wot this is all all about the now .they the assessors do recommended on the report wot you get and 90 % of the time DWP go on this

I had another assessment on Tuesday as my health and meds changed so they were notified . Tbh all I would say is just be yourself and be honest . Don’t tell them u can do things if you can’t . Mine went ok tbh but you never can tell . I’m now waiting upto 4 weeks they said for a decision to let me know how things went .... good luck .

Just watch they do try to catch you out. If you have said you can’t walk 20 metres make sure they don’t get you to walk to an assessment room that is more than that. Doesn’t matter how much pain you are in if you get there they will slaughter you. The problem is the person that sees you isn’t the one making the decision. I think therein lies a major problem. Having said that good luck and hope all goes ok for you


Hi Ant, take someone with you, record it or get them to, but you probably already know if you've done one before. If you can do something but not without pain, make sure you say that or they will assume it's ok. Make sure they write down what you say: my experience is they don't always and it's fine to check: e.g. 'have you written that down?'. Really good luck, stressful times x


I have need to fill out my form and do not have the time as too much to do in between hospital appointments

Im waiting for my change circs form to arrive then i will be in same boat. (Already been through it, right to appeal, once - so dreading having to go through again. (Diagnosed with seraposituve ra & use walking aids now since my pip assessment/appeal) . Good luck Dave74.

hello, did u send all your evidence from the last 2 years? and did it say u r ok or flare ups or what? I just sent mine off but ticked no change so im waiting to see if im called up again, thought I might stop my meds until then so I flare up but as soon as I thought of that pain my mind changed, thats what I feel like doing tho xx good luck x

Dave74 in reply to cuddley2020

Hi ya, I ticked no change on most but on some I had got worse, suppose that's a progressive disease for u! I gave ple ty of example just like the first time I was assessed!! See what happens now, if I get nothing I will appeal as I haven't got better and I've got standard for both now!! Wel see hey!??

cuddley2020 in reply to Dave74

let us know how u get on xx

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