Blue finger

Blue finger

About 4 days ago I woke up my finger was very swollen and then started becoming blue I emailed my rheumatology who saw me straight away and checked me out we were going to see how it settles for week and then go back he said maybe linked to raynauds or burst blood vessel. I have had both before but the blue has gone within a few days. Has anyone else had anything like this ? Xx

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  • I've had burst blood vessels which looked like that. I also have Raynauds but I go a more purplish colour & if it isn't all my fingers then it's usually the ring finger & little finger together.

    These weird-looking things can be a bit scary. Hope it goes away soon.

  • I had something like this during a flare. It produced a swelling which has pretty much gone now

  • I get this as well. I've never seen anyone about it. At first I thought I must of caught my finger on something & not realised but one time it was so swollen & blue that I couldn't possibly of caught it & not known. That one lasted a few days & was actually very painful but normally it last a day & isn't painful. I've never connected it to RD which it what I have. I'll be interested to hear what they put it down to, it happens to me quite regularly.

  • My RA started with my ring finger swelling and turning blue

  • I had this happen a couple of weeks ago. I was just sitting reading and all of a sudden my finger started stinging really bad. Then it turned blue but it didn't hurt any longer. I figured it was a burst blood vessel. But I thought it was strange that it was over the joint. It lasted for a day or so then the blue went away. Just another weirdness! :-)

  • Never! What the heck would cause this?! Good luck, Doreen

  • I've had burst blood vessels like this I have one on the back of my calf now they really burn when it first happens then burns if I rub it

  • Does it hurt / is numb?

    Check if this could be an "acute blue finger"

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