MTX injections

hi now done two injetions of MTX ended up at GP yesterday the pain in my tummy and swelling is unbarable she tested for water infection nothing felt my tummy nothing so advised i contact my nurse did so got a call back got to stop the injections for now! GP even callled me back in the evening to see how i was never had that before very impressed. however i am now left with where do we go from here... there seems to be no medication for me feeling very lost and allone this morning all i can see is my remaining years in pain my wrists are without doubt the worst RA pain mind you tummy is bad going to see nurse at pratice this morning gp said if no better they will send me for a scan maybe

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  • I understand how it seems just now but it could be just a blip so please don't worry too much. I would push to see your Rheumy nurse, she'll have a better idea of what's to be done & for how long you've to withdraw yout MTX than your Practice Nurse.

    When you say the pain in your tummy & the swelling do you mean your tummy is swelling or your joints?

  • my tummy and it hurt so so much my wrists still hurt and still swollen the practise nurse i was seeing for a womans check up if you get me she advise for me to speak back with RA nurse or speak to my GP so i booked to see the GP on my return from hols...

  • So your tummy is not sore because of how you did the injection? In your position I'd try to talk to your Rheumy nurse before you go away, if only to put your mind at ease.

  • no did the injection in my leg it was more wind pain

  • Sorry if I'm stating the obvious but you're sure it isn't wind? I appreciate it's been two weeks but has it been two weeks of constant bloating & pain?

  • lol it was way worse pain than that not giving up on the injections will re think on y return from hols not risking feeling poorly while away

  • Look at it this way Dee, if it is the MTX you'll have some relief & it won't spoil your holiday! I hope you have a lovely relaxing time. x

  • Hi there you might like to read my thread! I have had a terrible two years and ended up going off methotrexate and had rheumatologist wrip into pain is bareable but hands are really twisting up. My stomach was sooooo bad, looked nine months pregnant with twins, not a good look in your 60's. Wishing you well.

  • OMG really thats just how i looked how would i find your thread please?

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