Methotrexate injections advice needed

Hi everyone had appointment with rheumy Tuesday. Because of nausea taking methotrexate he decided to inject.

The nurse gave me first one on Tuesday and I'm going back next week to learn to inject myself.

Wednesday had an awful upset tummy in the afternoon never left toilet😩😩

And I have woke up this morning with pain in top of leg and hip. Feel so stiff it's unbelievable.

Is this normal, will,it get better through time or should I just wait a while and see as it's very early days.

Any advice on injection would be appreciated


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  • It could be a complete coincidence, as the injection bypasses you stomach so should be easier on your digestive system not harder. But always best to check with your rheumy team just in case. I certainly found switching to injections really helped me.

  • I wouldn't think the two are connected Dawn, as helix says injections shouldn't affect your tum as it bypasses it, it goes straight into your bloodstream. I've tolerated injections far better than tablets as is often the case. Were you advised to increase your folic acid? With injections less of the drug is lost so if you're on the same dose you may be reacting to the slight increase even if it's the same dose if that makes sense? Obviously mention it to your nurse when you go on Tuesday though. The pain could be the way you've slept, you may have pulled a muscle without realising or it could be the start of trochanteric bursitis, any number over of things. Again if it's still troubling you let your nurse know.

  • Hi he only gave me 10mg injection I am usually on 20mg tablets. The dose is to increase next week to 15mg injection. Then up to 20mg. I think you might be right I did drink a lot of coffee yesterday as I thought it might be ok. I hadn't been drinking coffe while I was on tablets as nurse advised against it so it might have been the caffeine overload lol. Pain in hip and leg got a bit better when I moved about. I just hate taking methotrexate and maybe need time to adjust to injection. He was pleased enough with joint movement on Tuesday and talked about lowering dose soon. I suppose I am nearly 63 and must expect a bit of stiffness in the mornings. Age can bring on a lot of aches and pains too. Well here's hoping I get a lower dose soon

    Thank you for your advice


  • Oh that's helpful, ok, that could well be the result! I'd pull back on the coffee & drinking plenty of water helps so swap your caffeine fix for corporation pop!

    Have you been diagnosed with OA as well? I find keeping moving & not sitting too long helps if you do have OA. I have it in my neck, lumbar area, hips & knees & during the day I don't notice it so much. I can get breakthrough pain in the evening even though I'm on strong pain relief because it's the one time in the day when you tend to relax & not move as much so if I remember I just get up & walk to the kitchen & back, it sometimes helps.

    I know it is not nice taking meds but I can't say I hate it, nearly 7 years on MTX & it's worked wonders for me & I know how I am if I can't take it so it's sort of been my medal winning med. Some call it poison, I call it my antidote. Maybe if it was a pretty pink that would help lol! ;)

  • When I first saw a consultant a different one than I have now he said I all the symptoms of RA but after doing MRI scan on wrist he said no. I gradually got worse and my Dr after doing blood tests said he thought it was RA and sent me to a new consultant who said yes it was RA and put me on the Methorexate. For a while after diagnosis I think I was in a kind of denial not wanting to take this methorexate and began doubting his diagnosis. If I'm honest I still wonder which one was correct. I have only been on methotroxete since Sept 2015 and have felt sick as a dog every day since. I think that's why injections have been given although my rheumy said on Tuesday if injections don't work he will try another drug. I know it's early days and i will need to accept that it is RA and try and get the correct drug for this RA

    Thanks again and coffee is off the menu today. I was drinking lots of ginger ale and gin gins sweets I got in Holland and Barrett for nausea so I will go back to them.


  • I can understand why you have doubts but honestly, no Rheumy would prescribe MTX if there wasn't a reason. If you have your drug monitoring bloods results to hand just have a look through & see how your first taken related to your most recent one. I think I've mentioned this on a previous post but do ask if the days you take your folic acid could be increased, that should help ease your nausea. I take 5mg 6 days, just not the day I inject. Ginger is good too, but there are other meds if it turns out MTX isn't the one for you, like any med it doesn't suit everyone but the main thing is to bring your disease under control, that's what your Rheumy's aiming for.

  • Hi I too hate having to take methotrexate. I also inject. Too much caffeine is mentioned in the patient information leaflet. Maybe worth speaking to your rhumatology team depending on how things are today. Maybe wait until next injection. ..injections have helped but I still need to take folic acid three days a week. Good luck

  • Thanks Mary

    I thought that if I was having injection I could go back to my coffee drinking habits... Perhaps I should have not indulged so much lol. I've given up my wee Saturday night drink and coffee what next? Lol 😥

  • Hello.

    I like red bush tea now, I used to guzzle coffee like it was going out of fashion, I don't get the acidly nausea now. It takes a bit to get used too, but I love it now.

  • I'll certainly try it. Used to love coffe, oh how things have changed lol. Thanks for your reply.

  • Hi,Metho injections I find are best about a half a hour before bed-I take ticta for stomache upset and it she helps-usually the next day or two you feel a bit off at first and the it settle down to one sometimes I feel fine-no side effects??? In Canada we take folic acid everyday which helps-it's one of those drugs that after time does not have such a Yucky Feeling! But Ticta is a stomach's best friend.Hope all works out for You-Good Luck!!!

  • Thank you for advice can I ask what strength are your folic acid tablets. At moment I take 5mg ....2 days after methotrexate. I live in uk I think our folic acid has different strengths here X

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