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Well had my second injection today, did it mysef and was ok, so now I am able to do these at home. After last week I felt a little nauseous on the Friday, but took Folic acid and it helped a bit. Nurse told me to take one the day before the injection this week as he said it helps, not had any problems at the moment, just very tired, but that's normal anyway.

I have a question, do you still have to avoid certain foods e.g. Pate, offal, cream cheeses like Brie etc.,? Think these were on the leaflet I had when I first started on the MTX tablets last year, but couldn't tolerate them. Not sure if these still require to be avoided with the injections too.



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  • In theory there's no difference in terms of the degree that MTX injection or tablets compromise the immune system, and so increase the risk of infections such as listeria (from pâtés, unpasteurised cheese etc). So makes no difference to list of foods to be concerned about.

    Personally I pay no attention to these restrictions as I'm generally healthy. I'm sensible about it, so although I eat unpasteurised foods all the time I avoid getting stuff from places that I don't think have high hygiene standards - so buffet style restaurants I avoid and I don't eat raw egg mayonnaise unless I make it myself from eggs from hens I know personally. But it's a choice we each have to decide, so for me nice cheese is worth a miniscule risk! You might decide differently.

  • Thank you, I thought as much, I'm now on a low carb diet and I love the soft cheeses like Brie and also blue cheeses, I will continue in moderation and see how I go. Hope you are well at the moment.


  • Hiya Jan. Pleased you've managed to inject yourself, it'll get easier the longer you do it & if the nausea returns you can at least ask to increase your folic acid.

    About the "restricted" foods, I don't worry too much about it, never have & been on MTX 6 years now, the majority of that time living abroad where alioli is common on a bar or restaurant table! That said homemade is no longer allowed but it's a case of checking to see if what's put before you is fresh, commonsense tells you whether something's been sitting there any length of time. I eat my h's homemade pate, local free range eggs & just love baked camembert so not giving that up for anything! I've never had any adverse effects & as long as I continue not to I'll eat what I like.

    I think you'll be fine as long as you are fastidious as far as checking whatever you wish to eat is fresh goes. x

  • Thanks NMHs, I thought as much, just checking, I love Brie and blue cheese, will have to try the baked Camembert sounds lush. The injecting bit was fine, they just said yo alternate from one leg to the other. I have Folic acid and can take one per day for 6 days if need be. Thanks for info regarding food. Hope you are doing ok, your husband too at present. My husband has returned to work on light duties since his rotator cuff op in December, not doing too good, the other shoulder is now very painful and he's waiting for an MRI scan, looks like he'll need another op soon. We have our house up for sale as there is a large garden and hedges to be attended to and he is finding it very hard work. Not looking forward to moving, but needs must I suppose. I think we'll live in the caravan from March to October and go abroad for a few months. Here's hoping anyway.


  • Baked camembert is yummy. If you want to try it just cut a few slits in the top with a knife, rub the top with a cut clove of garlic, drizzle a little olive oil on & a few turns of a black pepper mill. Put it in the oven either in it's wooden box with the lid off or in small ovenproof dish at 150/175 C for about 20 mins & eat with your favourite crusty bread. We have it for lunch sometimes at a weekend but we've also done it as a starter to share between two at a dinner party.

    If you find it too much injecting in your leg you can do as I do & inject in your tum, again alternate sides, I find that better than in my leg. You'll find what's best I'm sure. That's good though that you can increase your folic acid as you need.

    H not doing too bad thanks though having further investigations & scans re a pain he's been getting in his chest & then on Monday seeing his gallbladder surgeon, it never ends! Sorry to hear your h isn't doing too brill. Do you think he's over compensating with his other shoulder? I hope the MRI scan shows clearly what's going on.

    I hope your plans go smoothly. We have ours up for sale but want more land! We're on the look out for a bungalow but need enough space to house h's dad. We've still got half our belongings in boxes from when we came back from Spain so at least we've not so much to pack when we do move! Your ideas sound great, where are you planning to go to on your travels or is nothing planned yet? x

  • Will definitely try the Camembert sounds delicious. Hope your h gets sorted soon. My h had pain in the right shoulder at the same time as the left, but they went for the one that was the most painful at the time, so he probably was over compensating. Nothing planned yet it's all pie in the sky at the moment. We plan to buy a house and rent it to step son and his partner so we have an address and h hopes to retire soon after the house sale. We still have boxes full from our last move too, hope to do some car boots and recoupe some cash, also my late parents things too. It's really daunting thinking about it though. Hope your house hunting goes well.


  • I hope he has it sorted soon, don't want to go through that again so soon does he?! Good luck with your house hunting/selling/travel plans, it is daunting isn't it especially if you also have other things to sort as well, don't envy you that! Don't overdo things otherwise you won't be fit to move! x

  • Hi Jan

    If you wanted to be really cautious you could follow these guidelines, as all DMARDs in any form have a suppressive effect on the immune system, but I think it tends to be more of an issue for people on the biologic drugs, as these carry a greater risk of infection than standard DMARDs like MTX.

    Kind regards



  • Thank you Victoria for your reply, I will take things slowly and see how I am and make adjustments if need be.


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