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Hi all

Had my second rheumy appointment today and apparently I'm going on mtx injections from next week at an increased dose of 20mg. Am still on pred, should be tapering to 5mg but stuck on 7.5mg as am flaring a bit in elbows shoulders and knees. Anyway I have some stomach side effects but didn't consider them too bad so wondered why injections so soon. I'm happy enough to have them but wondered about others experience changing from tablets to injections. Does mtx work better in injection form? Do side effects decrease? Having cramps/nausea and a lot of acid reflux at the moment...not sure if it's all mtx related though. My rhuemy nurse was a different one today and felt a bit rushed. Had lots of questions which she answered but the injection thing caught me unaware so I asked nothing about it...just nodded my head like an obedient child!!

I have another appointment in six weeks and I'll be armed with another list of questions then I'm sure, but until then would be grateful for any info.

Sharon 🌸

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  • I've found the injections better than the tablets. No icky feeling at all & more effective as absorbed better. Sound much scarier than they are. Hope they work for you .

  • Thanks a lot...nice to be reassured.

    Sharon 🌸

  • Hi Sharon, I changed to the mtx via metoject pen and found it much kinder to my stomach. I now have a bit of a pamper ritual on 'jab night' starting with a leisurely bath, the 'jab' and some nice body cream. I even began to look forward to this me time! Did I mention the square of dark chocolate? lol! Truly hope it works well for you

  • Thanks lily. A pamper night sounds like a great plan. Will definitely do this.

    Sharon 🌸

  • I think you'll be fine - they won't irritate your stomach as much and your body will absorb more 🤞

  • Yea looking forward to less stomach problems if I'm honest.


    Sharon 🌸

  • I agree with other posts - found injections more effective and no gastric side effects. also quicker than chasing those dratted little pills around..

  • Thanks Janmary. Yea I've lost count if the number of times I've dropped pills on floor. Why do they make them so small and blister packs for steroids are impossible. Do the makers not realise we have trouble with hands/fingers/ coordination? Lol!

    Looks like injections will be positive all round.

    Sharon 🌸

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