Hi all .. i am now on cimzia, was on infusion for 2 years ( stop working) now on cimzia and having trouble with this injection, first of all , i cant inject myself as this drug is very thick and to hard to inject, it is also very painful to the point and screaming when it goes in. I have to depend on my lovely neighbour who is a (nurse) to do this as my husband is upset when hes done it for me. Has anyone else any problems with this drug? I leave it out of the fridge for 2-3 hours before injecting . thank you all .

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  • I've also just started, and found it OK. Self injecting isn't pleasant, but I can already feel some benefits. Its better than Enbrel, the pen injector used to make me bleed which I didn't like. And it didn't work either. I'm not sure what to suggest except to hope that it works well for you and you can feel the benefit.

  • Hi paulapan, I have been on Cimzia for last 3 months. I can manage the injections ok but do find the thickness of the liquid doesn't help. I haven't got much strength in my hands and the syringe is sometimes hard to push down. I do find it stings when it first goes in but it's bearable. I do however often feel like crying when I have to inject, I think it's because if I am having a good day it then reminds me that I have to do this in order to keep having good days. Just glad it's only fortnightly although I did find weekly injections of MTX easier!

  • How long do you find the injections last? I had my first loading dose on Saturday and would like to keep feeling better

  • Hi Cathie, I noticed an improvement within 48 hours of my first loading dose, however it did start to wear off a few days before the next injection. I found once I got onto the maintenance doses this wasn't the case, I assume because it's well into the system by then. I do find the first 48 hours after injection I am very tired. I have been feeling pretty good for the last couple of months but am now experiencing a bit more pain and swelling again in my hands and knee, I also feel very fatigued again. My last blood test had shown an increase in inflammation so I have been called back to see my Biologics team in a couple of weeks. I hope this is just a minor setback because I had felt things were going so well. I hope you find it works well for you.

  • Hi Paula and Cathie, I was on Cimzia for 3 months and yes found the injections initially unpleasant. It does feel thick and sticky and wriggling my toes (I inject in my thigh) does help.i did find though that after a few doses it didn't seem so bad.

    After the first loaDing dose I felt pretty awful for 48hrs but then it settled down and whilst I was on the loading doses felt lots better. When I then went onto the maintenance dose I slowly went backwards and when I had a review last month my rheumy team agreed it wasn't working for me and I've now started abatacept.

    I think/hope you get used to the injections and hope that it works for you, lots have had great relief from this drug, sadly it was my miracle drug. Good luck, Rosie x

  • I find that Cimizia needs to be a room temperature when you inject. I take mine out of the fridge and leave the syringe on the kitchen counter at least 30 mins before the injection. If the air bubble rises freely it is fine. The outer case tends to insulate the inner glass syringe.

    Personally I found that it worked best for me if I injected in the belly, if I used the thigh it seemed not to work so well as it ended up in muscle rather than under the skin. I am a cyclist and not much spare skin there :). I also had a reaction to the injection when I used the thigh which I don't get in the belly.


  • Cimzia worked great for me last year but then lost its effect. The liquid is really thick and takes a while to inject. Like Cecil i found the tummy the best place and least painful. Also have you tried putting an ice pack on your tummy before injecting, to numb the area?

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