Back after a few difficult weeks

Hi everyone. I have been missing for a few weeks because I have had one thing after another. I went through a lot of stress over an issue that I don't want to go into which caused quite a big flare up (and I have been in remission for a good while.) Just got over the flare up when I had an encounter with a solid oak mantelpiece that gave me mild concussion followed by a slipped disc. I have a friend who is a physio and gave me exercises which have been amazing and put the disc back but I am now suffering with damage to the muscles around the disc area. I am going for treatment tomorrow and absolutely dreading it. Last time I went to a physio with my back I was left in agony and couldn't walk. I know this is unlikely to happen again and the man I am going to is very well respected where I live but we are going to Mull on a birdwatching holiday in 3 weeks and I am worried about him making things worse. I would be grateful if anyone can offer me any comforting words. Thank you

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  • Thank you Kai. That is a lovely thought and much appreciated.x

  • Hope your better for your holiday, I live in Oban where you get the ferry from and the weather is beautiful at the moment and hot and hope it keeps nice for you xxx

  • Hi Popsmith. Lucky you. We just love Scotland and go every year. I hope the weather holds but 3 weeks is a long time in our climate. Fingers crossed. Thank you for your kind thoughts.x

  • Tell the physio how you're feeling. He might suggest exercises rather than manipulation. Mull sounds lovely, will you be able to manage the stairs on the ferry? If I was going now, I'd be tempted to queue as a foot passenger as the (virtual ladders) are very steep. If you're a bird watcher its a paradise. Though we have sea eagles now on Loch Broom!

  • Thanks for your suggestion Cathie. I hadn't considered stairs on boat. I am going with my husband and brother so between them they can hoist me up lol. We are desparately wanting to see white tailed eagles so here's hoping. x

  • Hello Sheila. I am so sorry you have to go through such a difficult time. Stressful situations are always sure flare triggers. I do understand your apprehension about going for treatment. I have a habit of not telling them to stop when it doesn't feel right and just grin and bear it. If you feel something is amiss be vocal about it. Because it it doesn't feel right it usually isn't.

    Hang in there.

    Sending you a gentle hug.

    Cas xx 🌸

  • Hi Cas. Thank you for your thoughts and suggestions. I am the same. I just think they know what they are doing and will stop when enough is enough but they can't feel it can they so I will bear that in mind. I will let you all know how it goes. on my way now. x

  • Hello Sheila. I was thinking about you and your appointment. How did it go?

    Cas xx 🌷

  • Hi Cas. Thank you. That is so kind. It was brilliant. He was so understanding and so gentle but did what he needed to do. I felt good all the way through. He said I might feel sore this morning and I expected not to be able to get out of bed (being a pessimist) but I feel so much better. Seeing him again next week and he said he would have me fit and well for Scotland. He is an Osteopath not physio. I know the NHS doesn't quite yet agree with osteopathy but I would recommend him to anyone. It seems that my spine is not quite straight at the bottom and is leaning to the left which might be the reason for my pain so we are working on that. My last bone density scan showed a small loss in my back. I am at rheumatology tomorrow so going to ask for another scan in case it is something to do with that. Hopefully not. If I may share this with others who sent me messages yesterday I would like to thank you all. Your good wish really helped. God bless. Sheila xxx

  • Wonderful news indeed. That made my day. I am so pleased you got some help. Big hug for you today Sheila. I can't wait to hear about your Scotland trip. :)


    Cas xx

  • Thank you Cas. You are very kind.xx

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