Twice weekly Enbrel injections, just can't get my head round what days to inject

Well after all the trails of getting Humira I was taken off it due to horrid side effects and put back on Enbrel but twice weekly now and I simply just can not 'get my head round' which days to inject.I asked the nuse who help me with first injection and her reply was oh yes there is only 7 days in a week isn't there. Had my first one today (Thursday) so was thinking maybe Sunday or Monday for the next one. Any advice please.

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  • Years ago I started on Enbrel twice weekly then tried once weekly when that was introduced but had to go back to twice weekly. I used to do Monday and Thursday. Farm

  • Thank you that helps me a lot, maybe I just had brain fog but couldn't work it out

  • I was on Enbrel for 10 years and did my injections on Thursday and Sunday if that's any help. suited me has I worked part time Monday to Wednesday. I had a good run on Enbrel with no side effects So wish you all the best on it Gillian

  • Thank you Gillian it helps knowing that I either Sunday or Monday is ok

  • Luckily mine comes in the 50mg pen so only have to do it once. Hope it works for you this time around.

  • Pity mine is twice a week now but consultant hopes it will work better this way

  • I'm only doing one a week. If I had to do two I would do Weds and Sunday only because Thurs, Fri and Sat I am out a lot and not at home.

  • Thanks, I think brain fog had set in yesterday.

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