Started Enbrel

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone is having a good day.

After a long wait due to infections, I finally had my first Enbrel injection yesterday and seems to be having a good effect already! This morning for the first time in a long time I was able to walk downstairs without the excruciating pain :) I'm so excited to finally start my treatment, feel as though my life has been on hold. Can't wait to see how this goes....

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  • So excited for you ! Marvellous news x

  • I am very happy for you!

    Less pain is a better life!


  • It is a good sign. So pleased you have had that feeling of coming back to life.

    Please, please, please take it easy and slow. Don't be tempted to do too much.

    No grass cutting, cleaning the windows, running around the block or anything else that will set you back. I know you won't really!

    Look after yourself and take it all slowly day by day and take care ..... Keep in touch.


  • Thank you for your replies, It really is like slowly coming back to life....little bits at a time, I am really feeling positive about it.  Good advice to take it slowly, it's tempting to overdo things. Are you also on Enbrel? xx

  • Yes I am.  I learnt the hard way that it is best to control the temptation to do something 'normal' . I was so excited to feel positive side effects happening in my body and hands and arms that I decided to clean the windows and lean out and do the sills and .........etc etc etc . The end of the story is that I laid down for about three weeks in unnecessary trouble because I had not controlled myself.

    I did tell my Consultant what had happened and he kindly said, with a smile on his face, that it was a good sign and showed the Enbrel was working but don't do it again if I could help it.

    Look after yourself. Stay positive.


  • That's Brilliant. Enbrel had an amazing effect for me as well and very quickly. Unfortunately I've had to stop it and swop to Rituximab after 13 years and things are a bit in flux at the moment. Take care and take it easy, when things work it makes a world of difference

    All the Best


  • So looking forward to having the injection. Thanks for the post. I'm having a bad day today and this has given me so much hope 

  • Hope you're having a better day today. It really is making a difference with more than my joints, already I have found I can breathe better, I'm not getting palpitations any more, Night sweats have stopped, it's like Christmas every day, I get a little piece of me back and this is after 2 injections!!!! 3rd one in a couple of days, it's so exciting to feel this way after so many years of side effects so far..........fingers crossed!xxxx

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