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Hello All,I am having a lovely break in the Lakes first holiday for 18 months due to R A

I had been looking forward to going Then my Husband was diagnosed with an aggressive phostrate Cancer and I didn't really want to go but my Husband insisted we should still go while we can as he has a battle to conquer in the comming months.We arrived home today as we need to see the Oncologist tomorrow last week was the same pattern came home then saw the Urologist .We will go back to the Lakes tomorrow afternoon for another week then the decision on his treatment will be decided.How life can change in a blink of an eye !!! but I am a very positive person and sure we will get through this and learn to adapt just like you do with R A.

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  • Bless you...sorry to read about your husband's diagnosis and I hope all goes well for you both tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your break when you finally get back there and i hope also that you aren't in too much pain yourself. X

  • Thank You for your Kind Words 3LittleBirds2

  • Hi...hope it went ok today and that you manage to get back to the Lakes to enjoy the rest of your break. Keep us updated...when you're able. Best wishes and thinking of you xx

  • Hello LittleBirds2 Thank You for your message We saw the oncologist today He and the urologist think because of my husband,s medical history it is to much of a risk to operate so the way forward is radiotherapy, hormone Therapy and maybe chemotherapy.We were given lots of information and feel better now knowing what direction we are going.

    We are back in Windermere now relaxing for the next week.😊

  • Sounds like he has a great team looking after him with his best interests at heart. Good luck! I've never been to the Lakes but hope to one day. Best wishes to you and your husband 😊

  • I'm so sorry your husband has his own battle now but I understand that it is one of the easier cancers to treat caught early enough. Do remember though to take care of yourself as well though I know he'll take precedent just now but try not to stress too much. I hope you can enjoy the rest of your broken holiday, love the Lakes especially this time of year when there's less chance of rain! x

  • Thank You nomoreheels,Yes I agree it is an easier Cancer than most if caught early enough unfortunately this is a fast growing with a high Gleason score as my Husband suffers with pulenry embolism this causes a few more concerns,However I'm sure he will be alright.Yes the Lakes is a wonderful scenic place and the weather has been very kind to us hope it stays this way.😊

  • Everything crossed for him, I'm sure his team will do their level best. Who will be he under? There is an HU site dedicated to Prostate Cancer support, maybe it would be helpful for you or your husband to join, it can't hurt can it.

    Enjoy what remains of your hols. x

  • Hello nomoreheels,Thank You for the information on the P C support

    We feel better now having seen the oncologist today he has helped in being honest about it being to risky for the operation due to hubby's medical history.So the way forward is radiotherapy exct.

    Back in the Lakes now enjoying the rest.😊

  • No probs, I hope you find it helpful if you do join. Pleased that the oncologist is being honest, it's helpful to know you can ask & be answered candidly.

    Enjoy the rest of your stay both of you. We honeymooned just outside of the Lakes so it has some lovely memories. Been back many times since though never stopped over being within reasonable distance. x :)

  • Hi Valentina

    Sorry to hear of your husbands diagnosis, my Dad has prostate cancer that has spread to his bladder so I know how you feel. He is very positive and fighting it all the way. Good luck at the oncologists, I pray it's good news.

    You are right about life changing so quickly that why we should live for today. Thinking of you

    Take care

    Kiki x

  • Hello kikideelili,

    Thank You for your kind message sorry to hear about your Dad but glad he is possitive I do belive that can play an important part in the way forward.We know the future route we need to take and feel happier and a bit more reassured after seeing the oncologist.😊

  • Good news indeed x

  • Let the healing of the Lakes calm your minds to prepare you for the coming months. I used to visit before the onset of this disease, and the stress used to just fall away whilst I was there. As others have said rest when you can whilst looking after your hubby, your both now on a new journey together, take care. Xx

  • Thank You Georje,I hope you are alright with your illness,Yes we are making the most of our break here before the treatment starts and what a lovely place it is as you know.Take Care.😊

  • Hope your holiday helps to give you both the strength to get through the next months

    Best wishes, M xx

  • Thank You Hatshepsut, I'm sure it will help and put us in the right frame of mind for the next chapter.😊

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