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How stupid am I?

I have been receiving medication through Healthcare at Home for almost four years - humira initially, enbrel now - delivered every four weeks. A month ago I asked them to provide Two months supply mid June to cover a holiday I am going on at the end of June. This meant Healthcare at Home needed to make sure there was a prescription to cover what was needed. I have just been contacted for the mid June delivery and guess what - they haven't done what I had asked. Why didn't I follow up my request with a phone call to check it had been sorted??? You would think I had learned by now!!! Three weeks to our planned holiday and now it will be filled with stress of getting the required medication to cover the trip! Please learn from my mistakes, Healthcare at Home are, at times, so unreliable.

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Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with healthcare at home. I had major issues with this company so I sympathise. Share your experience on NHS choices -services -pharmacy -reviews page if you have the energy - as at least that documents the number of issues with this company.


Hope you manage to sort this out before your holiday! It will be a timely reminder to all of us who have to use HAH to triple check everything! ! M x

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Thank you both for your replies. Thank you AuroraB for the information on the NHS choices reviews page - I didn't know about that. Healthcare at Home have managed to cause a lot of grief in recent years - I should have been more aware of what can, and has, gone wrong. I would give myself a good shake only it would cause pain. For sure I won't make this mistake again. I put this on the Forum as you say, Hatshepsut, to highlight it to other users of healthcare at home especially with the holiday season in progress. Xxxxxx


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