Anyone get swelling on the top of your foot?

Anyone get swelling on the top of your foot?

Yesterday, I noticed the top of my foot was sore. I looked and saw what looked like a swollen blood vessel. The swollen area has now grown to a puffy red lump. I think it was swelling under blood vessel pushing it up. Now you can't even see the blood vessel. Can ra cause this. The area is painful if touched or if I bend toes.

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  • Please get your foot looked by your GP as soon as possible.

  • I will call when they open. Have you seen this before?

  • Not as such but I think anything like that needs checking for the cause. Let me know how you get on. xx

  • I am taking methotrexate and hydroxy.

  • As Magglen stated please see your doctor asap.

  • We can't diagnose, so best ask GP. However looks as if it might be a developing ganglion cyst which can be sore, but is generally harmless.

  • Hi I agree u need to see your gp. However I do now have midfoot arthritis which has symptoms like this.

  • Thank you.

  • Hi

    I agree with everyone that you need to see your GP about this. There are various ways in which RA can cause problems in the feet and when inflammation from the joints pushes on soft tissue, areas such as blood vessels can be affected, but as everyone's said, we can't diagnose, but definitely worth getting it looked at, hopefully before the weekend to give you some piece of mind. If they can't see you today I would suggest going to a local pharmacist to see if they can make any suggestions on what it might be and what might help it over the weekend until you can see your GP.

    Hope you feel better soon



  • Thank you everyone. Getting used to random swellings and everything else with this disease is so frustrating. I never seem to know when it's just part of ra or something I need to call about. I know we can't diagnose here, but at least I don't feel alone or like I am crazy when something happens.

  • Hi Jettsd, I had something similar but on my right hand that was under a vein. I went to see my GP and he wrote to my rhuemy nurse to ask for an urgent appointment as I was well over due. The specialist nurse didn't think it was anything more than inflammation of one of the joints in the back of my hand and it has since disappeared, but it was very painful at the time. The others are right to advise you to go and see your GP.


  • Thank you. Yes, my rheumatologist said it was inflammation in mid foot joint behind blood vessel. More NSAIDs and icing, it is going down. Just what I didn't need as I already have problems with my arch and heel on the same foot.

  • I get pain and have neuropathy but minimal swelling.

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