Update on foot

Update on foot

Good Morning all!

I wrote here about a month ago regarding my foot and the lump that is over my big toe joint. Just to say I am going for an X-ray tomorrow to try to find out what it is.as I have osteoarthritis & all tests for RA have been done 3 years ago, it is a bit of a mystery as to what it is. I have posted an updated photo from last month & you can see it is bigger. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks


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  • Did you go for a uric acid blood test?

  • Hi Bala I went to the docs this week & asked to be sent back th the rheumatologist but he just said get an x Ray first- should I have insisted do you think? Thankyou for asking x

  • when is your x-ray, wait for it, your Doctor may be able to identify what is causing the problem on your big toe.

    There are a number of tests available to identify the problem.

    Please keep updating.

  • Have they check for gout( high Utica acid) but hope the xray shows the problem. Looks mighty painful so sending hugs x

  • No they haven't - it looks worse than it is although it has been more sore lately. Perhaps I should say something next time. I thought gout was agony & this isn't thankyou for your support - I will post when I know x


  • I have a similar but smaller lump in the same place. At the last Rhuemy appointment the Dr said it was a bone overgrowth caused by OA. Most times it's not too painful but can be a problem with some footwear. I've got a Rhuemy appointment today so I'll ask again.

  • Please do ask. The other day a lay did a post photo of her finger, red and a small pimple.

    Uric acid test showed high when blood test was done!

    There are many ways to identify gout.

    Footwear can also cause similar problems.

  • This was me Bala and I do have high uric acid but don't have gout. There are other things that can cause a high uric acid - including gallstones and sepsis apparently as I've just had both. The GP thinks the similar looking red lump on my finger joint is osteoarthritis which makes sense as its not very painful at all - whereas gout really is!

  • Thanks.

    I tried to reply and there was a problem! now you have 9 recommend!!!!, IT.

  • 9 recommends - wow!!! I've been having some trouble with HU today too.

  • It's looking more like a rheumatoid nodule to me Castlepoint, in fact if I look close almost two as it's changed shape from the last pic, the one lump, as if one/two is/are spreading more towards where there's more redness on the bunion. They typically form on a pressure point & feel as though they're not attached underneath them if that makes sense.

    Do let us know when the xray is discussed won't you & I'd be pushing for re-testing for RD, I hesitate to say but I fear you've have had RD grumbling away all the time since your last screening. x

  • Thankyou nomoreheels, that is the feeling I have as my father had RA & vasculitis. The lump is moveable it is like on a tendon I think and it doesn't really hurt, I do get an achey joint when I have been on it too much but I have arthritis in my ankles I believe as they always ache and under the ball of that same foot. I am going on 100 and I am 55! I have lots of other dodgy areas too like my neck and wrists and hands but they said it was fibre and osteoarthritis lets wait and see! have a good day!

  • I can empathise, really I can because I've had awful trouble with my feet which have only been addressed recently after two years of asking my Rheumy to look at them. It's where my RD first presented & have always been problematic. If you can push your GP for another test (RF & anti CCP) & do some research into seronegative (or maybe ask in another post on here for people's experience of being diagnosed seronegative) so you're armed with a the reasons why you're asking to be re-tested if your GP's not clued up re the two types. There's close family history & you have hashimotos & raynauds which often go hand in hand with RD. In the meantime this may help nras.org.uk/seropositive-se...

  • Thankyou nomoreheels for your advice its always tricky to believe you really need to push for things with the GPs. I always feel like a fraud going to the Dr's as I have been a lot over lots of things over the past years. My mum who is 92 upset me a lot yesterday as she said" The doctor must be sick of seeing you" I am not that bad I haven't been there except for this since about February. I wouldn't mind but my mum has Hashimotos, Epilepsy, gall stones, severely deaf and registered blind. I look after her and sometimes it can be so hurtful when she is seeing doctors all the time. But again thank you and I will keep you posted, I hope your feet are starting to feel better take care.


  • That's what they're there for & you're not going for no reason are you so don't worry about it. They are what it says, General Practitioners so have limited knowledge about everything & why we need to push sometimes when we have something beyond their expertise of dealing with day to day & acute problems. Recognising symptoms is a prerequisite of the position but sometimes if test results are out of the norm your symptoms need to be discussed & other avenues explored or even referral to the necessary Consultant Specialist, this is where seronegative comes into the equasion. I was fortunate (!) that I tested seropositive with high results, pretty conclusive so diagnosed very quickly & started treatment all in just over a fornight but it's not always the case when seronegative, it can be dismissed.

    Interestingly I had the start of bunions & my big toes were drifting, knowhere near as bad as yours before I went to the doctor, tailors bunions too which is a lump on the outer edge of the little toe where it meets the foot. Both these reduced over a little time once on my meds & even though my feet aren't good now neither have returned thankfully.

  • Heck I've been bothering my GPs almost weekly for months now Castlepoint!

    Mothers can do the best put downs ever - my mum would have had a field day on me just now if she had still been alive!

    But as Heels says they are well remunerated and none of this is hypochondria at all. Ignore your mum. If you are caring for her then the GPs should be caring for you so you need to get on top of all these health problems for her sake as well as yours. I also agree with Heels that it could be a rheumatoid nodule. Good luck fighting your corner and taking no notice of what your mum says. If my mum had doctor bothered about me when I was wee then I probably wouldn't have so many health problems today!

  • Thankyou twitchytoes how nice of you to respond as I have seen you have had a difficult week. I hope that you are on the mend now & feeling a bit better. Yes mums can be like that & I just ignored it as you do. Children can be as bad to their parents too !!😊 Take care & speedy recovery x

  • Is it better now? Any medication?

  • Hello I hope I am not being to forward here by I thought I would update you on what is happening after my visit to find out about my X-ray. I went to the docs this week & all he said was yes it arthritis! He had forgotten about the lump! I reminded him and he just said its cod I have a bunion? Is this right do you think? He said I could have bunion surgery if I want to. I also have a hammer toe a 2 Mortons neuromas on the same foot why not give me a bionic foot I say lol! I have just been to the Lakes for a couple of days & was in agony with my knees, my ankles ,my feet & my hands. One of my knees was burning & I had to put cold flannels on it. Don't know what to do next - asked about rheumatologist but he just dismissed it. Can you have positive results after 2 years ago having negative for RA?

    Many thanks for reading this

    Castlepoint x

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