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Rituximab infusion

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Hi all, I survived the Rituximab infusion which I had on Friday 27th May 2016. It took about 7 hours all in all. It was Painless and I wasn't as bored as I thought I'd be. As you are very sleepy from the piriton as it's a very large dose. I seemed to sale through the first 4 hours. But then had slight trouble breathing, it felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. So had to take a break and have an extra shot of steroid to be on the safe side. Apparently from feeling like a zombie for 3 days all is well so far only time will tell. My next Rituximab infusion is now on the 10th June. Let's hope it works long term fingers crossed. I hope all is well with my healthunlocked friends. Do take care. Sarah. Xx😊

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Hi Sarah...glad you got through your first infusion ok...good luck with the second one! 😊

Thank you. 3littlebirds2. X

Oh Sarah pleased to hear that! I am having mine tomorrow, Wednesday! Hope mine goes as well. Preferably without the elephant!

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sarah1967 in reply to Cathy777

Lol. I was surprised at how drosy I was. So no driving. I took a cab their and back, feel asleep in it and woke up and i was at home. Lol. Is this your first one or second? Fingers crossed it goes well for you to.

The nurses were so lovely and I was very well looked after which really makes a difference.

Oh and the other thing , as so much fluid was going in yes you guessed it, it has to come out so I needEd to go to the toilet every half hour to begin with.

Take care let me know how it goes.

Sarah. X

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Cathy777 in reply to sarah1967

This is my first! Thanks for the tips! I was told I didn't need anyone to bring me home but sounds like it may be best. Let's hope we both feel the benefits of this soon! Xxx

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sarah1967 in reply to Cathy777

If you can get someone I would to be on the safe side. And even once home about 6pm I went straight to bed and woke the next day at 11 am. Take care.



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sarah1967 in reply to Cathy777

I also felt quiet hot and thirsty, I did take so cold drinks with me which was nice to have. They did make me tea and bring me lunch which was a sandwich fruit and yoghurt. So I had also bought some snacks to. Just go with an open mind and you will be fine. Xx

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Cathy777 in reply to sarah1967

OK I will! Just made a healthy green smoothie to take with me and also some not so healthy snacks! Got to spoil myself! Got to leave home at 6.30am! That is the most painful bit! Thanks for your kind help. :-) xx

Good luck. X

Yes going to the loo hooked up to a drip isn't great! I'm glad it went well for you and hope you feel the benefit soon

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sarah1967 in reply to cathie

Thank you Crathie. X

Well done for getting through it! It gets easier and quicker in time, provided you don't have any bad reactions. .I had mine slowed done the first couple of times because I felt headache. I think I was getting into a panic. I hate the sleepiness brought on by the piriton. And you can expect to feel a little sleepy and headache for a few days. It's a drug that has changed my life, and I hope it works well for you too. My 8th cycle dye in August, which hopefully will carry me through the winter til next spring. Best to you.

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sarah1967 in reply to priss58

Thank you priss55, it's always good to hear the positive side of things..here's hoping. X

Just read over my reply. What a load of typos! Don't you just love predictive text!!

Have been on rituximab for several years infusions have increased to every three month I have two infusions. I also had the reaction and it has increased to the point that I have to continue to take Benadryl and prednisone when I get home due to breathing issues after the infusion. . Before infusion I have an injection of Benadryl and prednisone. Just hope it continues to work

Oh no, rituximab has been mentioned as a possible future ra treatment as all others are now off bounds due to ra lung, I don't think the elephant on my chest would be very good for me. It's frustrating cos all the things that can help seem to cause fhwie own problems. But I'm very glad you survivedit and hope you get some relief that's long lasting from it, good luck :)

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