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Hi I had the brown envelope this morning and could not believe I got enhanced rate on both mobility and care !!!! on DLA I had high mobility and low care so quite a difference, and for 10 years,

It was a worry waiting for the result but can forget about it for a while now, we filled in the application form ourselves we did have the guide from nras to help but the rest we was just honest and concentrated on what I can't do, I have read a lot about the transition and have seen the figures so was very worried I would lose the mobility but has been ok in the end, for the assessment I had a home visit and a really nice lady (ex nurse) who know a lot about RA so that in my view probably helped my case.

I do have a few other problems aside from RA but having had 3 different biological's shows I have not manged to get my RA under control yet, I still live in hope and manage to smile but had a bigger smile this morning.

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  • Good to see some good news well done as it can be a worrying time waiting for a outcome xxx

  • Very happy for you it is good to hear the success stories.I received the same award as you and got it for 10 years but have heard of people getting called in sooner but hope not the thought of all that stress again noooooooooooo. x

  • Great to hear a positive outcome for someone transitioning to PIP. Best wishes.

  • Great to hear a positive outcome. So pleased for you, now breathe!

  • Well done. Glad to hear some good news. A lot less stress for now.

  • Brilliant news, treat yourself. X

  • Fantastic news, you can finally relax a bit . Well done!


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