Update on test for cancer

First I would like to thank you all for your support through what has been a very difficult time.

So they had me back in for another camera test (that's 3 time now) this time I was on the table for a good half an hour. but it was worth it as by the end of it all Mr Smith said he was very surprised but happy to say that I do not have cancer at all. But I do have Diverticular and there is no need for an operation of any kind. What a great relief this is to us all.

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  • Oh thank goodness , I'm so pleased for you xxxx hope they get the diverticulitis sorted quickly xxx phew!

  • Great news how will they treat that!

  • Hi Junebee. There is like RA no cure for it as the curse of it is not known either. If need be an operation is needed but in my case I don't need one so the treatment is more meds.

  • Happy to hear that it must be a great relief to you. I was told i had diverticulitis, also Crohns they contradict each other one you a void fibre the other you need to eat more. Hope they have told you that you need to eat fibre which is what my sister was told. I just guess as i think my Crohns is being controlled by the MTX i take.

    Hope you get some information that help you as it can be very painful.


  • .....and breathe. I'm so pleased Alan. So, they were just being thorough thankfully. We have a friend with diverticulitis, he's doing well & avoided the op so hopefully you will too. Nadya must be relieved, it must have been worrying for her particularly whilst travelling home to you. x

  • 😎🍾😎

  • Oh good news, so let's hope they get it all sorted pdq.

  • Great relief!!

  • I'm doing the "happy dance" for you. You must be so relieved!! :)

  • Congratulations, you must be so relieved. Time for a celebration me thinks x

  • Wonderful news - what a relief. I hope you get the diverticulitis sorted asap. X

  • I am happy for you darling.,xxx

  • That is really good news!

  • Brilliant news

  • So very pleased for you sweetie such a scary time

    I went through the same thing they thought I had bladder cancer but after a very frightening time thank god I didn't

    Big hugs my lovely so pleased for you xx

  • Oh you poor darling, what a worry but so glad all is not too bad. Sending you a big hug xx

  • what a relief xc

  • Woo hoo 😀😀 celebrate x

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