Enbrel injection painful?

Hi, is there anyone currently injecting Enbrel? After trying another bio (Simponi) and feeling really good on it, I have had to be taken off it due to a rash that appeared. I am shortly being put on Enbrel. I have read in various places that the pen has a bit of a fierce "kick" when injected! Just wondering if anyone can give me their experience of this. The Simponi I had was quite gentle, so I am worrying a little!!

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  • I take enbrel weekly. It can be a little nippy! I've found it best to take

    The pen out of the fridge half an hour

    Before injecting. I also find it much easier to inject in stomach as opposed To thigh?

    The other thing Ive noticed and this is since they have changed pens is that there can be a lot of bruising after injection.

    However, it nips for but a minute. Best of luck with it all.


  • Thanks Marie. I was on mtx and that pen had a bit of a kick! the Simponi pen was a dream of a pen! very gentle and no bruising whatsoever. They offered me the syringe, but I really cant stick a needle into my skin.. We will see how it goes, if it makes me feel better, Ill put up with a little bruising.... Regards Tracey.

  • I have been taking enbrel for about 4 years now. I have to say I do find it has quite a sting to it. Definitely leave it out of the fridge for a minimum of 30 minutes. I tend to leave mine out a bit longer than that as I find myself putting it off whilst I summon up the courage. However the results are worth the sting.


  • Thanks Julie, I will leave it out, for over half an hour. Not looking forward to it! Do you feel good on Enbrel? Regards Tracey

  • It has definitely made a difference. I had to come off of it for a few weeks due to surgery and I did notice it.

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