Hey guys n girls just a quick update, started Enbrel yesterday. First injection of 50mg, bit stingy but settled fast, must admit I am feeling like it has started to work already, feeling positive about it all, hope you are all well

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  • That's good news Iain, hope it continues & it works well for you. You're going to need it with all the training you've got in front of you! Got a plan yet?

  • Thanks nomoreheels, plan is to go on holiday on Wednesday to the sun for a week, then let this Enbrel get into my system, once I am sure it is working then the training starts on the West Highland Way and also the Kilpatricks which are just behind where I live, don't want to start to soon have a long way to go x

  • Enjoy your hols & good luck for when training starts. Disappointed though thought you'd be munro bagging lol! ;)

  • Haha bored of Monro's to be honest, maybe later to get in about some rain, I have everything on my doorstep here, so spoiled for choice x

  • That's true....and rain. Never once been to Scotland & it's not rained, even just over the border lol!

  • This is true, even wirse now I have RD, need to move to better climate pronto haha x

  • Hi there

    Just give yourself a few weeks and it sounds like you'll have the RD under good control. I'm doing well on Enbrel, apart from the odd little glitch. I do miss it when on antibiotics. Fingers crossed for you. Enjoy your hols.

  • Cheers mate, yeah Im very hopefull and optimistic, lets hope its the one, hope you're good

  • Well done. This gives me real hope. I am due to start Embrel next week. I may not notice the real difference until I'm off Prednisilone, and that happens gradually over the next 10 months.

  • Hi Jora sorry for late reply as I have been on holiday, thats me 3 weeks in now on Enbrel, I do feel much better, but have noticed a few wee niggles and pain last few days, hope you get sorted soon and are feeling much better

  • Thanks, Iain. Replies are good; holidays are better! Hope you had a good one. My eyes are very sore this morning, so I do hope that's not Embrel. It does seem that it takes a while to get the right balance of medications. It would be so much easier, but boring for rhematologists, if we were all the same.

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