Hi i started on leflunomide 10mg daily eight days ago but at the time i was suffering with extreme pain with sciatica and was on codeine and morphine so i didn't notice any side affects, so much was going on but now that i am off these drugs i am feeling a funny sensation in my throat down to my stomach and i seem to have a lot of flatulence and my bowel dosn`t seem right plus my head feels a little racy is this normal.

I was so hoping that this one would work as i had been on methrexate for over a year and didn't feel well at all on that. Has anyone any advice for me.

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  • Thanks for asking this question - I'm hoping to 'get' leflunomide and will be interested in any comments. Had to come off mtxate because of liver problems.

  • I came off Mtx because of horrendous side effects that appeared after six years for no,apparent reason. All my blood tests were normal but I had headaches,dizziness,nausea & generally felt awful.

    I started on 10mg Leflunomide a month ago & have had no obvious side effects....so good luckIn "getting " it.

    I am having to pay (£21 a month) for it myself.,supposedly as my GP now says " until you have taken it safely & your rheumy agrees" . I wonder if anyone else has a GP who says that.......when one hears that people presenting in this country with no record of contributions apparently get all their prescriptions free!

    Good luck with Lefunomide, Cathie.......Kathy

  • Where are you Kathy?

  • Cathie, you and I share an experience with mtx but time has passed and we are going to try it again. I'm on week 3 of it so the blood test today will decide. I felt so much better on Leflunomide daily.. I went off of it because I no longer needed it a couple years ago. My liver was a little upset at that time over it.. I am going to my appointment to ask to be taken off MTX and put on Leflunomide.

  • Good luck!! i seem to be tolerating it well just a few things like im a bit racy in the head and my stomach feels odd but so far so good, i do seem to be a bit bloated as well which i didn't have on MTX but time will tell.

  • Hi Rose, I used leflunomide for 12 years. I had good results till I got neuropathy under my feet. I advise you to contact your doctor. I wish you all the best.

    greetings Bas from the Netherlands

  • By the way, It took about 2 months before I had positive results with leflunomide!

  • Thanks for that i hope its the same for me.

  • Thanks i booked an appointment for Friday.

  • I wish you good luck on friday!

  • Hi I to have found bowels and wind issues your not alone :(

  • I have been on Arava (Leflunomide) for just one month. 10mg per day.

    I came off Mtx 6 months ago after taking it very successfully for .6 years.....I then developed all the symptoms inhad when I first had RA...even down to pain in my jaw!

    My Rheumy reckons those who had a good run on Mtx usually do well on Lefumomide, but I am wondering if it's working for me as I have no symptoms at all- but as I have had a few steroid injections maybe any symptoms I might have had are being masked?

    I'm sure like a lot of us with this wretched disease I am fed up to the teeth with how it rules our Lives!

  • I had to come off MXT due to horrible side effects. Been on Leflunomide for a few years now, took a while to work. Apart from that no problems, feel like me again. I know we are all different but you can but try it. Hopefully it will be right for you

  • It took about 3 or 4 weeks for it to settle down but when it did it worked extremely well for me until about a year in when my body started to reject it - keep going it could be the one x

  • I got leg swelling, neuropathy and a bit muzzy in the head so yes it could well be that

  • stomach to throat sensation can be acid reflux.

    the bowel problem can be from residual Codeine and morphine.

    Flatulence might be the bowel becoming un-relaxed from the pain pills.

    That means that you will become regular with bowel movements again.

    Your head feeling a little racy can again be from the pain drugs being

    withdrawn.. there can be a number of other reasons for what you

    are experiencing if you are like I was when I came off the oxycodone

    over a weekend. Good luck, my dear. Hope you start feeling more

    yourself. =)

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