Underarm pain and Leflunomide

Hi all,

Has anyone who is taking Leflunomide had any problems with underarm/top of breast pain? I am taking Leflunomide 10mg and this is my fourth week on the drug this time. I have taken it previously for 6 months but had to come off it then along with Arcoxia as my tongue had gone numb but I also did notice that I had this pain then and once off it the pain went away. Am trying it again as I am running out of options and possibly the numb tongue was the Arcoxia and not the Leflunomide so hence trying again. Any advice please would be very welcome.



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  • Hiya Carol. I've not taken LEF but I do take Arcoxia, 4 years now. I've not experienced a numb tongue so I hope since you stopped it your tongue is back to normal. My feeling is if things feel different anywhere around the breast area, however minor it may seem to be, see your GP. It could be coincidental or it could be related to taking LEF, swollen lymph nodes, even a pulled muscle but best to be seen than leave it not knowing the cause of the pain.

    If you have a female GP you can choose to see, if that's a concern, maybe that would help?

  • Many thanks for your reply nomoreheels, the tongue is better than it was at the moment but that is related to Sjogrens that I now have - the tongue gets extremely dry and liquids taste very salty a lot of the time. As for the pain in the underarm/breast I will make an appointment to get this checked as you say could be swollen lymph nodes and best to get it checked.


  • Pleased you'll see your GP, do report back, if you wish to of course!

    I tend to have a unquenchable thirst, dry mouth but due to a couple (or poss more!) of my meds. My GP prescribed Biotene gel which has helped quite a bit. Not having Sjögren's I don't know if it would be helpful but might it be worth asking if yours could prescribe similar? Just so dislike having a dry mouth don't know about you?! x

  • I use Biotene for my Sjogren's, it is very good.

  • I will ask about it when I see my gp - I had a text from my RA nurse yesterday who spoke to the consultant and have to come off Leflunomide and get my go to check me over so will go today - will let you know the outcome.


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