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Piling on the pounds!😕

Hi everyone,

I have noticed that I am piling on the pounds , as I am unable to exercise as much as I used too. How do you all keep fit whilst suffering with the pain from RA?

I try to move around as much as I can and watch what I eat , but the scales say otherwise.😕

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Who says we do not have weight problems, generally I feel the medications and the problems getting around can cause some real problems. Personally I managed to loose weight about ten years ago then it all came back on again and now it is just one big problem.

At the moment I have been laid up for the last three weeks with Gout and I can tell I a putting on weight as generally I am able to work in our garden is some form of restricted ways normally and this can help. Although this becomes hypothetical in the winter.

In the past I swam, although now I suffer PSA and the Public Baths anger my skin condition

Ask your GP to arrange a course with a dietician and a physio or go swimming that may help



Thanks for your advice.

I live near the sea so when the summer months come I plan to swim in the sea which is what I do each year. I love my garden and have been busy pottering these last couple of days out side, but have suffered after.

A nice warm swimming pool sounds good.

Since I have been on the Methotrexate I feel bloated .Maybe that has something to do with why I feel fat .



I know what you mean about weight problems. I have decided it's the meds that are making me feel fat and bloated. As I really don't eat that much. I have enjoyed being in the garden these last couple of days.

If it's not good for the achey body it's good for the mind. 😄 Thanks take care.


It's a tough one. I recall being given exercises to do to keep my knees strong when they were extremely stiff and swollen. It was hell. And boring.

Are you able to walk? And if so, is there somewhere nice near you for a daily walk? Swimming's great too, brilliant gentle exercise as you undoubtedly know.

What saved me from immobility was getting a bit addicted to exercise .... I probably was already but lost the exercise bug once PsA hit me hard. I have little willpower so I rely on forming habits, I am a creature of habit. So forcing myself to walk every day gradually became a need. Same with my weekly swim.

Tai Chi is excellent too & it's something people tend to take up when they have a chronic condition so I reckon most Tai Chi classes are geared towards accommodating people with a wide range of abilities / disabilities.

Not saying you'd lose weight quickly doing any of these things, but regular gentle exercise can help regulate the appetite and I think it's a good pain reliever too, works for me anyway. Plus it can help with suppleness and stamina so after a while you might be able to do more testing exercise that does shake off the pounds.


I agree with all of this. For me one key thing has been knee problems which make it hard to get on and off the loo. So cutting back on eating seems to be a bit logical. I managed to lose weight even on steroids after years and years of find it hard. So a sort of enforced diet.


Hi Cathie,

Thanks for replying.I have had a quiet day today as yesterday I was fairly busy in the garden and tomorrow I start a new job. I have really cut back on my eating and I did take the dogs out for a short walk. So I am trying to be very careful with everything I do.

You mentioned about steroids. On Monday I am going to see the Rheumatologist nurse for a prednisone intramuscular injection as I have been flaring quite badly. I hope that it sorts me out.

Take care x


I hope things go well with the new job don't forget your treats!


I have been dealing with a lot of stress and a too-long winter with frequently sick kids (keeping me house bound as nursemaid), so I am also suffering from lack of exercise and an expanding waistline. As you'll see from my other posts, I have been gluten free and found going on an elimination diet (including removing dairy, sugar and processed foods) did wonders for me last year. I dropped weight quickly without much exercise, which was good as I was in flare at the time.

I think daily walks are a great idea. Yoga is wonderful, though I don't know how great it is for weight loss. I always wonder about doing too much activity, as I find it makes me hungry and I usually reach for the wrong thing - haha! I've been feeling much better and would like to get back to jogging. I'm musing over signing up my son and myself for a 5K run in September, but I want to make sure I'll be able to handle it - and that he will too (he's just turning 6 in May).

Please share your experiences with us!


Hi, I too seem to pile on the lbs, I have (as some already know) a very light road bike which is by far the best thing I have ever done, it's easy on the joints, it tones and helps reduce the weight, it's also a very good mood lifter! I have an indoor mag trainer to attach it to on wet/cold days. Some on here have the floor peddles to use sitting in a chair, to build the knee muscles and burn a few calories!

Walking is a must to when you can get to , I believe in the saying use it or loose it.

Hopefully you will find something that keeps you moving.

Good luck, go gentle



Thanks Alison. I have been walking and have been enjoying this lovely weather in the garden.

Although I have been active I'm not loosing the weight.

Oh well ,sign of getting old .

Enjoy your day . X


Just joined a slimming club I think immobility has a lot to do with and yes the drugs. Will let you know how it goes


Sounds good .look forward to see how it goes.


I was recently diagnosed with a fatty liver. Although I'm not terribly big, my BMI says I am overweight, I put on weight round my middle. My mother is the same and she has fatty liver, diabetes, had her gall bladder removed and has had a triple heart bypass. I don't want to go down that route so I'm having to diet hard. I can't exercise at all at the moment so it means really cutting back on food. Working out how many calories you need to be in deficit helps, you can get phone aps that can help with that. It is surprising how the calories can add up from unexpected places.


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