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Swollen calf and ankle

Ten days ago after a 3 hour car journey, my right calf was very swollen and painful. My GP did a blood test which came back positive for DVT. However an ultra sound scan was negative. Has anyone experienced this problem? Could it be a burst Baker's cyst? It is now 10 days after the initial swelling and I still have a painful swollen calf and swollen right ankle.

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Hi Mabon 12

I have had a swollen and painful left knee and ankle since diagnosis 18 months ago, however, recently my left calf has become noticeably larger than my right and is quite tender. I saw my Rheumy 2 weeks ago and he ruled out a DVT as he said it would be much more painful. He also mentioned a Bakers Cyst, but I haven't had any noticeable swelling behind the knee. Therefore he remains mystified and so do I !


Thanks Chanel47. I've just been to my GP who is also mystified and couldn't confirm a ruptured Baker's cyst. All he advised was to wear a support stocking! I'm hoping that the swelling and tenderness will eventually go away by itself.


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