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ankle and foot pain

For about four months I've had bad pain in both ankles and hind foot. I've had it before but it's never lasted this long. It's only a bit swollen after exercise - not like the RA type swelling I get. And my other joints are behaving themselves at present.

I've seen the podiatrist and since having some inserts the right ankle foot is much improved. And I thought the left as well for about a week, but that's come back. It's making me limp and affecting walking on uneven ground especially. I'm doing the exercises i was shown.

I'm waiting to see the doctor now.

Anybody had anything similar - and what did you do about it?

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Yes going through it now. Got my metal splints a couple of weeks ago but was warned by the podiatrist that as my gait would be different I would ache for a while! And yes I am, he said it would improve after a few weeks. .



When we have problems with feet ankles or leg, the way you walk will effect the corresponding good side, it will also effect other joints as your posture will be out of balance that is why they have given inserts although other activities like walking will need to be addressed further as you will also cause problems in different parts of the body, your physio will help address the problem with posture as it is important

The foot and ankle are two of the most complex areas in the body, both can be also effected with arthritis, the Achilles Tendon is also taking a great deal of stresses. Could it be you are overweight.

I also understand that you will be seeing your GP soon, He/She will know your medical history and the medications you are taking, if you are taking pain medications and NSID they will cover any problems you my have developing in your Feet. where arthritis i concerned.

If you are not seeing the GP until after Christmas, and you have no medications to cover you over the holiday period it may be useful to pop down to the chemist and get some over counter medications such as an NSID and Pain medication, a Paracetamol/Codeine mix will help and give relief.Ask the chemist they will recommend what is best.

When you have been out for a while and you are uncomfortable and the feet/ankles are sore try bathing them in hot water, generally ankles will swell after walking, elevate your feet/legs afterwards, straight out, do not cross your legs as that would be counter productive, hopefully that will also reduce the swelling

The GP will discuss treatments when He see you, remember I am not a GP or Specialist.

All the very best for Christmas and New Year



I had this - it went on for about 5 months and then flared properly so I couldn't get my boots on or put any weight on it. I took Naproxen and after a few days it died away and never returned. I took photos of the swelling and showed to my physio who explained it was synovitis of the tendon and part of my RA. It did feel quite different to other RA pain and it was as you describe for ages - hard to walk on uneven surfaces but more sprain like than the fracture-type of pain in the the months leading up to the flare. This was 18 months ago and I've not had it again since. RArebird.


I experienced bad heel pain for years, I have custom made orthotics in my shoes they seem to help. However, I experience pain at the base of both big toes, ankles ache and throb all the time. Lately I have felt pain in the rest of my toes. It's awful...I use a tens machine on all my achy areas, it helps a lot.


Here's some advice that helped me when I was in your situation:

1- Wear shoes that fit well and provide ample ankle support.

2- Avoid wearing high-heeled shoes and flip flops as they are not always feet-friendly.

3- Wrap your ankle with an elastic bandage, like an ACE bandage but do not wrap it so tightly that your ankle becomes numb or that your toes turn blue.

4- Whenever possible, keep your ankle raised above heart level on a stack of pillows or other type of support.

5- Take over-the-counter drugs, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, to relieve pain and swelling.

6- Ice your ankle for about 15-20 mins, 3 to 5 times a day but make sure not to apply ice directly to the skin, wrap it in a cloth or tea towel first!

See link for more info about Ankle Pain:


Thanks for all the advice. I have now had the blood tests and X-ray and it looks as if I have secondary severe osteo-arthritis in the sub-talar joint with moderate OA in the rest of the ankle and foot. Oh joy!

Now will wait to see the orthopod who specialises in ankles - possibly for a fusion.

On the brighter side my new walking boots with higher ankle support (bought in the sales) are the most comfortable footwear I have and I can walk wearing them on level paths in the countryside - I don't feel so imprisoned now.

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