Swollen Ankle

Swollen Ankle

Well folks that's the holiday over until the next one in May although I had to hobble about for a week having the sun shining everyday was a big bonus mentally and physically so we can't wait to go away again,my ankle is the big problem now as although they didn't think it was broken I'm not so sure as I'm still in agony and am also in pain down the left hand side from my back, hip and knee as I think I twisted on the way down and done damage , I'm going to give my physio a ring and ask her to examine me just to be safe

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  • Wow, that looks pretty swollen. I'd certainly be getting it checked out

    Again Popsmith.

    Great to hear that through the pain, you managed to get some joy from your holiday.


  • Spelling my own name wrong there; swollen fingers!


  • Glad to hear you had a great time, and enjoyed the sun. I would go for another check up. I had a fracture the A&E hospital missed, 3 weeks in a wheelchair. When I later on in the year, went for a mri with my orthopaedic hospital they found I had, had, 2 fractures. Wishing you well X

  • Could be and flying always brings mine up! Glad you had a lovely break ( see the pun?)

  • You might have ligament damage...this takes an age to heal! I fell over in the park last winter, and had spectacular bruising and swelling. Nothing was broken. Sure felt like it though!

    Rest, keep it elevated, and stick frozen peas on it! No skipping!! 😊

    Very glad you enjoyed your hols.

  • I'm laughing to myself about the frozen peas as I had them on my foot all that Friday before my holiday and I've got a bag off them at my foot at the moment😁

  • When suitably heated on swollen ankle, poor into bowl with a knob of butter! 😄

  • Ooww looks painfull ...you been dancing g the night away really I bet hehe ..No glad you enjoyed yourself I'm just looking for a holiday at the moment carnt wait for the sun

  • I've just booked our next one for the middle of May a week Costa Brava😎Canny wait something to look forward to

  • Flares are such a beast Popsmith if that is what it actually is. I've ended up in the ER twice for breaks that weren't. Yours looks especially painful....

  • I've got ligament damage and the constant pain is like having toothache and the state my ankles are in I'll probably have long term damage xxx

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