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Foot and calf

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Well after the surgery and trying to do everything right I now have got an infection in my calf saw gp this morning I’m on 500mg flucloxacillin antibacterial wash and cream gps ringing me tomorrow been sooo poorly 😖

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Really sorry to hear this. Wish you better x

Oh no, hope it goes soon xx

Oh no. Poor you. I hope it clears up quickly. x

I'm sorry to hear this and hope it clears soon. x

Hugs darling.xxxx

Blimmin bacteria. They get everywhere. I hope the antibiotic works well and quickly.

aaw, hope you're feeling much better soon x

Sorry to hear this. Hope doc sorts you out soon. 🌺

Hope you are feeling a bit improved now . Sending you virtual 💐

Oh no, sorry to hear that. Get well soon 🤗

Ach no, hopefully the antibiotics get on top.of things and you pick up soon 💐

Get well soon.

Any better today?

Yes hun thank u my

Leg is still sore but at

Least I’m. Not having shivers anymore thanxs for asking x

Oh no so disappointing for you as well as nasty feeling unwell.Hope antibiotics kick in quickly.

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