Swollen ankle

Well folks I was up at my local leasure centre today for a for a swim and then a sauna I was only in the sauna for about 5 minutes when I started feeling faint so I tried to get back to the showers as I thought that would help me, I got into the shower cubicle and then woke up lying on the floor. I was only out for half a minute but I hurt my back and my left foot is up like a ballon and have been sitting with ice on it and it has gone down a bit but is all black and blue, typical as I'm going to the Canaries for a week so I'm going to be hobbling about all week , but it won't put me off I've been looking forward to getting away

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that dont sound good are u ok mary xx


Be careful flying like that. Do you know why you passed out? Was it just the heat, or is something else going on, do you think?

Do be careful.


Scary...I too sometimes feel faint, but I haven't passed out. Do you have high blood pressue?


No I think it was the heat it was stupid going into the sauna as I've not long got over the cold so I'll learn not to do that again


Hi popsmith1874

Although swelling may be going down and it's feeling better it might be just as well to get yourself checked out by your GP, before you go away to dispel worries of any other possible cause for you passing out.

You don't want any problems rearing their ugly head while your away and spoiling your holiday.

Enjoy yourself and take care.




We're you alone? If you were you absent moment may have been longer. I would suggest getting an check up with your GP or nurse practitioner.

Just to be on the safe side.


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Yes just back from a+e had it X-rayed and they don't think any things broken but can't tell for sure until the swellings gone down and when I think back I think it was just the shock off falling ,it was my own stupid fault for going to the sauna after the gym usually my wife's with me but today she had the grandkids but I'm quite unsteady on my feet anyway with this awful disease

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