Persistent sore throat

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I have had a sore throat, it seems forever! It's not horrendous hence I've not done much about it, but I'm noticing it more and more nowadays.

I've increased my mtx from 10mg to 20mg gradually over the last couple of months, whilst increasing folic acid from 1x5mg to 4x5mg a week. I have worked my way through some anti-imflamatories-more recently celecoxib (which gave me a heart burn type pain) and etoricoxib which I seem to be tolerating.

I'm still flaring though, and have been since last December. Still not back to work either.

I'm due to stop mtx for 2 weeks, which has been agreed by my rheumatologist, as I am to be married. I'll not take it on 15th and 22nd June. I don't want to feel as I currently do when I take it over such a special time. Maybe this break from mtx will help? Or maybe it will get worse before that?

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  • Congratulations! I too get bad throats and like you if they are bearable I ignore them. I guess stopping MTX for a short spell will be fine as I have to when I have needed surgery. It may not make too much difference overall but its good to have a break from side effects over such an important time! Enjoy!

  • Hi it's quite common as I've had a few while on mtx, being hoarse is something I get quite a lot try gargling with tsp if it doesn't clear check with go as you might have a infection

  • Congratulations on your forcoming marriage and i hope your not in a lot of pain and exhaustion. Try speaking to your rheumy or dr and see what they say. I am sorry i don't have any ideas to help you except rest as much as you before the big day. Look forward to seeing the photos after your wedding.

  • You mentioned CPR turned you down for biologics. What or who is CPR? Sorry for my ignorance. I am on same drugs as you and because they started to fail me I was given biologics.

  • ? Cathy777....not sure this is the correct thread? I haven't been offered biologics.

  • Oh I am sorry. I had an infusion on Wednesday and am brain fuddled. I have replied to wrong person. I get very confused! Read so many interesting things and want to respond to them all. Not a good idea at the moment I guess . better retire to under my duvet. I did read of a lady who said she had nurses and doctors wanted her to go on bios but she was turned down for some reason. I was very interested as to why. I hope she responds. Sorry again. :-(

  • Hello Moomin8 . Firstly CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! 💒💐💑 How wonderful you're getting married. I am so pleased for you.

    I am on Remicade and mtx. When I get near my next dose of Remicade which I have once every six to eight weeks I start to get a sore throat. It can be pretty bad. And as soon as my Remicade is administered just like magic, the sore throat just disappears so I am guessing when my disease is not controlled well enough my RA takes a joy ride to all sorts of new places.

    Have a good chat with your rhuemy. One know how important it is to be feeling tip top for your wedding.

    Sending much good cheer,

    Cas xx 🌹

  • Please go to your doctor and get that sore throat checked out. It may not be anything serious or anything they can do anything about, but it could be damage from acid reflux if you have been taking NSAIDs for a while. If it is something like that, then you need to get on top of it now, so it doesn't do permanent damage.

  • Hi. Many congratulations on your forthcoming wedding. I hope you feel well and the weather is good for you. I have been on mxt for 14 years and have never suffered from sore throats although I am hoarse on occasion but I put that down to an underactive thyroid!!! All the best. Let us know how the wedding goes. x

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