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Hi everyone,

My latest xray has shown degenerative disk diease with mild narrowing at C5-7 but fairly prominent uncovertebral joint arthritis. Also evidence of Osteopenia.

The pain i have been trying to describe to my doctor is on my neck and shoulder area and feels like it is in the soft tissue.

Its so frustrating as i am backwards and forwards for xrays only to be told no action is needed, yet i am still in severe pain.

How do i move forward with this...



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I have pain between my shoulder blades which goes up into the neck and down to waist, enough to MAKE me stop what I'm doing, sit down and lean forward or lie down. It is difficult to pinpoint the cause but I think it is the result of having had to hold my body in particular ways. I have seen an osteopath who does not think it is nerve root pain, but did show me that the muscles are going into spasm, she thinks from an inflammatory cause. At present, I am seeing an Alexander therapist to correct my posture and spread out the joints in my upper back. This does seem to be helping.

BUT I also had a steroid injection the week before last and the upper back pain went completely, which suggests that it is the result of inflammation.

I don't know if any of that helps you, but it is how I'm attempting to work through a puzzle that no-one seem very interested in.


I agree that no-one seems shoulder and upper back muscles seem to go into overdrive after use and take hours to return to normal,it feels like they are stressed even with light activity.

So like alot of people im backwards and forwards to the doctor, they never advise on any treatment only pain releif which does not help at all.




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