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Latest part of my saga


I went to see the hospital consultant this morning. I’d asked to see a different consultant and although her registrar had contacted me and offered me the appointment, I actually saw her – for a good ¾ hr.

She was very thorough, took a full case history and about how I had been recently. And she did a very thorough physical examination. She told me that as far as she could see, I’ve got a complicated situation – yes I’ve got RA, but also some osteoarthritis and she wants to rule out drug related lupus. Her approach would have been to look into that but continue with the infliximab. But now I’ve been off it a couple of weeks she wants to do a scan and blood tests to really eliminate it – as while it may not be a problem now it might be in the future.

She offered me a choice – though a rather weighted one. To opt to get infliximab asap, or to delay it until I can have the scan and the blood test results. She gave me a steroid injection to help me through for a little while.

I really feel that I have been listened to seriously and that she has a steady, methodical approach I felt that she wanted me to be involved with my treatment and to share the decision making. This is what I wanted all along.

I’m going away to rest now. I haven’t decided whether to pursue this complaint against the other doctor, I’ll make up my mind over the next few days. But thanks for rooting for me. I think it shows that if you see a doctor who doesn’t take you seriously it makes sense to ask around and go for a second opinion. I will be staying with her now.

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It might not be clear from the above, but I asked to be transferred to a new consoultant as I wasnt happy with DrX. So I'm now seeing Dr A who is very nice.

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delighted to hear this Cathie, your experience to date has been very worrying. It is a difficult decision to make though. At least the steroid should help with pain while you are deciding.

Cathie,you now have a new dr,but the old dr might be the same with another patient and they might not be as strong as you have been. I think it is still worth while you complaining just to make the dr stop and think about their actions. xxx


So your view that you should never have been taken off the Infliximab has been vindicated. Sounds like a case of all anger spent, now and although you've still got a decision to make your perseverance has won the day, that's fantastic. Rest easy! Luce x

Great news cathie. Your perseverance has paid off. It just such a shame that we have to fight to make doctors see what is in front of their nose. Well done you. I admire your determination. Must be the Scot in you. Well done. X


That sounds like a good result x

Im having a snooze but thanks for your comments. I may well pursue my complaint

I decided on the spot that I'd get he scan and await the result. She promised to expedite it. Once results are in I can either have treatment as normal or we work out another plan - if indeed it is lupus. But I feel confident that I'm in good, considerate hands. She is generous with her time. I was told to go and rest after steroid jag.


Good for you Cathy, for having the determination to see this through. xx

That's great news Cathie, you must be so relieved. No doubt having fearsome daughter peering at her made sure she wasn't't going to skimp on her assessment. Hopefully appointment for scan won't take too long. have a good rest. Polly

It really helped that I could tell you all. Thanks for your support


Excellent result, and am so glad that you pushed to change doctors, which of course is your right to do.

Pity you have to wait it out for the scan, but if thats the more appropriate way to do it, then thats what has to happen, and at least you know you will have been investigated properly.

Cathie, I'm absolutely delighted that it went so well & you've had some faith restored in the treatment you're getting. I'm sure you'll weigh up the right thing to do about a complaint or not. The fact you've changed consultants says something, and a letter from you would put a reason behind the change. But for now, enjoy the peace of knowing you did the right thing and will benefit from your actions.



Cathie I've been offline all day - some annoying broadband issue and am writing this in haste in case it goes off again. Well done you are such a good role model for all of us about how to be tenacious and effective! One thing I'm not clear about is that I thought you had effectively ruled out drug induced Lupus with the place in Dundee? But I obviously misunderstood if this new consultant has convinced you that it still needs ruling out. Whatever you decide it will be right I know but I am glad you've decided on the scan anyway. So pleased you've got a good, listening proper person for a doctor at last! Tilda xx

On the lupus she wasnt convinced by the dundee findigs and i suspect didnt want to completely overrule her colleague. I agreed itd be best to rule it out for sure although she did give me the chance to opt for anti tnf straight away. Were probably looking at 3 weeks and then things will be clearer. The most important thin is that i feel im in safer hands


Hi Cathie, I'm glad you had a better experience with your new Consultant, it really does make a lot of differences, Take care Love Shirley Xx

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