Hello EVERYONE! :D (thought I would update You) :')

I want to start by apologizing to those who wrote me and I did not return, I have been very busy and a dear friend of mine has had trouble and been in and out of the hospital 4 times since December... I have to be there for her... So, My time online and been very limited!! -- I myself have had the flu twice now this season and I am SO READY FOR SPRING TO BE HERE! ! :) .. . I am a fighter and doing much better, although, I did have to increase my Steroids.. I went to my Orthopedic Surgeon and after an MRI on my hip, I was diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis of the Femoral Head..My doctor is going to try to do CORE DECOMPRESSION on my hip ( I am having the Surgery in April, because at the end oF March I am going with father, step-mom and sister to Florida , so I will be waiting til after vacation to have it done)... and depending on the outcome, if it's successful I have a 10 year window to put off until I need a total hip replacement because she told me the bone is GONE and Will never come back. and if it doesn't work , I will have to have a total hip replacement anyways. ---- Yesterday I had an MRI On my Lumbar to find out why the other hip pain is so aggravating and my knee and ankle are giving out on me! I will find out sometime this week when the results are in.... Her and I seem both agree that most of my symptoms are mimicking Ankylosing Spondylitis .. I hope not, but I will keep ya'll up dated !! ..On Thursday (26th) I am going down to the University oF Cincinnati to meet my NEW Rheumatologist ! I am excited about it!! Hopefully, they will be able to put me back on Humira, since my last one discontinued the use because of a cough I had ! I am Staying OPTIMISTIC and FIGHTING as HARD AS POSSIBLE and hanging in THERE!! I am going to try and get online more often and I enjoy reading the posts and learning and sharing !! THANK YOU ALL For being such a WONDERFUL PLACE to come and feel accepted, understood and cared for !! I enjoy reading and responding and learning ! XOXO I wish YOU all GOOD Health, Positive Energy sent your way and true compassion in my heart, because I UNDERSTAND How most of you feel and am happy that I have a place where others can relate to me !! THANK YOU, again !!.... Tommy

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It's good to hear from you Tommy, though not so good that you are having so many problems. I really hope that your new rheumatologist lets you restart Humira, or if not that, another biologic and that it works for you. At least you can look forward to having a great holiday in Florida ( hopefully you should get some sunshine!) and that should set you up ready for the hip surgery. Take care. Clemmie


Wow you have been busy. Glad you are back and sorry to hear about all your issues. Hope they get sorted and you have less pain. Good luck with new rheumy hope they are all that you expect and you can get some treatment


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