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Work issues!

Hi guys not been on for a while but need to rant!!! Aaaarrrgggggggg!!

Things been quite good for over a year, I asked for reasonable adjustments at work as I am a forklift driver who does shifts, nights, lates weekends etc, with 12 hours thrown in as well as 2 hours travelling. My team leader is very good with my condition and he complied with help from our union and regular medical management meetings And I got moved to days 7-3pm shift! Good for me, sleeping or trying to sleep with a routine, getting up at same time in morn and being able to plan as you need to with RA. We have a separate healthcare company that are employed by my company to basically get people back to work before they are ready to , to stop company paying sick pay!!

Theses people now want me to go back to shift work and 12 hours,even after me working days has helped my absence go down 75%!!

I have got a meeting with my TL this week and my union rep has said never as they have a duty of care as my employer, and I'm covered under the equality act!

I'm already stressed out over this as I don't want these people to potentially make my health worse!! I don't know if anybody here has been through the same or similar experiences like this with employers as I am seriously worried that all this worry will alleviate my symptoms etc!

I struggle doing 8 hrs plus travelling is 10 hrs with all the fatigue, I have to have power knaps at lunch break just to get me through!

Matcho pride stops me telling people I struggle through fear of losing my job, but i am now at my wits end and don't know what to do!!!

Rant over


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Hi, your rep is right!! U r covered under the equality act and your employer has already shown that they recognise your illness by adjusting your hours reasonably. I would take ur union rep with you to the meeting and I think you have a valid case to stay on the adjusted hours.

If you need in depth info there are loads of websites on employment and disability. NRAS have publications on staying at work and one for your employer you can get or ring their helpline

But defo have a long chat with the union tomaskmhow they wish to proceed but don't forget you are covered under the law don't let them bulky or barrass you. I am very proud you can continue and wish to work with your disease, they should recognise that fact and be patting you on the back not making things more difficult. Good luck x


Thank you allanah!


Hope it goes well mate. I fought for mine and after a while got offered ill health retirement which I took and was the best offer for me but fight them with help for what you are entitled to. CAB are also great for help and advice especially as a lot of areas have specialist disability officers. Xx


Hey Anthony,

Being afraid about job security isn't being unduly big macho prideful... It's being protective of your self! I'm new to this RA thing (except having rheumatic fever as a child) but having suffered from depression in the past have had to be off sick for some time I know how exposing it is to have to negotiate over work issues (and I was extremely lucky with the level of understanding from my bosses)... Always have a rep with you and always know when you're right re employment laws etc. but also know when to switch your own internal log off so that you can rest properly! (I find mindfulness and meditation helpful with the latter).

Good luck with everything .



Good luck whenever your meeting is this week, wondering how it goes ?!


HI anthony 74,

Further to Allanah's post, our work-related booklet 'I want to work' can be downloaded from the NRAS website here: or requested to be sent to you by post.

Our booklet for employers is only available online :

it is great that you have the support of your union rep however if you would like to speak to our Helpline team (9.30-4.30 Mon-Fri) then please do give them a ring on free phone 0800 298 7650.

I do hope your meeting goes well.

Best wishes


NRAS Membership Supervisor


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