Work issues again!!!

Hi all hope everyone is ok,

I will try to keep this short!!!!

I have RA and fibro, had. RA for 5 years now, I'm on enbrel, mtx and some others.

I used to work shift work, earlies, nights and a late shift with various 12, 10 and 8 hrs in the mix too! I work in a busy warehouse on a fork lift truck, out in the cold, with manual labour too.

I asked for reasonable adjustments as I was struggling with the shift pattern and long days as I have 2 hrs travelling on top of my shifts.

My team leader was ver accommodating and I have been on 8 hr shift pattern for 3 years.

The last year I have been on a 7-3pm day shift as was still struggling working nights in the cold etc, I was backed up by my GP, she said the best thing that could of happened as now in a routine, going to bed same time and everything else we need to maintain our health.

My absence levels dropped quite a lot, but I'm now being penalised because of this!,

Monday I have a meeting with the dreaded HR. We have a separate healthcare company dealing with our sickness/ illnesses and they are telling me my fatigue is not related to my RA, my constant knee pain, which is where it all started Is not arthritis related and many more conflicting stories.

They now want me to have a phased return to work and back to full duties like I have magically got better, I wish, I even struggle with 8 hrs as after travel it is 10!!

I spoke to EASS and they have told me basically that is against the equality act as we are considered disabled people under there phasing.

App they can't give me reasonable adjustments and then take them away wen I obvioulsly am not better!

Who else has had work issues and is there any advice u can give me as its really playing on my mind now, with how to deal with this? I am in a union and my rep will be there who is brilliant, but I think it's wrong that as a company they can ask me to do something that Could potentially harm me or injure me further!,


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Why don't you take some articles / research from the Internet. I had issues with work but fortunately our occupational health consultant was an absolute star . People who don't have this don't understand how tierd you can get. Surely it is better that they make some adjustments and keep you working. Good luck


Our problem is we do not look ill. Every day is a challenge and then we try to add a full day at work too. I too asked for reasonable changes to my timetable this was after ringing the NRAS helpline. I did get some and this year my timetable has altered again and this has helped me. New medications have helped with pain but don't ever feel 100%. But then none of us do. I hope you can get things sorted.



AreI I a union , if not join one I think! Their disability reps are helpful normally . Also Cittizens advice have great disability reps and the ZnRAS helpline are great helps too, good luck and don't let them beat you down. Also is your GP involved , how can they say your RA isn't giving you pain or fatigue, it's clinically proven!


Hi guys, I gave full backing from my GP, when I told my specialist what they said she just rolled her eyes and is willing to write a letter and the same with OT, they are all on my side as they understand how nasty RA is which is what my GP keeps telling me!!

From my experience at my work, the guys that have time off with a stressed related condition they will back off completely and tell them to go out and relax, do fun things etc all not to make them feel worse!

I tell them I'm struggling still with things, which as a man saying 8 hrs makes me tired is quite hard to do, there response is ok we will have you back on full shift, hours and duties!! Makes no sense really and quite laughable, lucky I have a good sense of humour!!


Sorry I am in a union, and my rep is absolutely brilliant and also not happy!!,


Try Access to work..They can put legally in writing what is needed, and if they don't make the reasonable adjustments they can be taken to a tribunal....


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