Update from work issues!!!!

Well after a long meeting with HR and team leader and my Union rep, my current restrictions that I have, no manual labour, 8 hour day shifts and getting off my forklift every 15/20 mins for breaks so I don't seize up in cold, the report sent through from my separate healthcare company that I saw for a half hour appointment in which he did not examine me, nor is he either a rheumatologist, it has been decided I am fit for full duties!!!! Back on shifts, back on 12 hr night shifts which is a 14 hr day after travel, back to full manual labour and lifting which I know I can't do, and all in 8 weeks!,

They even admitted in the report that they expected my absence to now go up again as I will be struggling but as a company they are happy to do this to me. I have contacted all the medical experts that I deal with as they have requested nothing from them to come to this conclusion about me, and have given them permission to have my medical records so they can contact them directly about me, as I know my GP will support me and hopefully the rest will too!

I had to leave early today as I can't put weight on my right leg due to knee pain and being twice the size, but app nothing wrong with me!,

If it wasn't so ridiculous I would be very angry, but my rep says he will never let this happen to me, but I am slightly peeved to say the least!!


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This is appalling. I suggest you contact NRAS and/or CAB for advice. Also might be an idea to ask your union rep to contact your full time union officers, it sounds as if you need someone with a bit more clout and knowledge of the relevant laws. You should be entitled to free legal representation as well if that becomes necessary.

I hope that you will be able to find appropriate help to fight this iniquitous decision.

Good luck. M x


Great answer ftom shep I think . I went through all thus stress toO until eventually it felt like harassment. Get the good guys on your side, your union need to give you a trained disability counsellor and talk to nras about all the disability/discrimination legal help that's out there. Citizens advice were also a great help when I needed it xx good luck x


Wow that is disgusting but as people with chronic illness we looked on as leaners and not doing our job. I had a conversation with a superior that went something like, you have been away a lot at appointments, I said yes and I have flex time to cover it. She then said oh and I replied yes if you bothered to check you will see that I do more than my hours each day mostly so I have no idea why you are challenging me about time off.

As the others say get advice and get that Union rep to work for you. I am a Union delegate here in Oz and I would be pushing for you.


So what does Union propose? Your employment rights are clearly being infringed, I feel really angry for you. This is not right


Hi Cathy, my union rep is brilliant, i have now given them access to my med records so they can contact the relevant people that actually deal with me personally and hopefully they will back me 100% in this matter! He has told me not to worry as this will give me a few months till next meeting planned and if they still being awkward he will go along the health and safety or disability discrimination route! Even so it's playing on my mind already and if anything else happens he will get the union solicitors evolved if they wont back down!! I Cant believe as a company they can ask someone with a disability to do a task that could potentially harmful themselves!! 11 years service for this!!

Thanks guys for the rest of the advice I'm on the case now!

Ant x

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I've got an appointment next Tuesday with work. I've been off work 8 weeks. Waiting for my new treatment but no appointment till April. Had a steroid injection to keep me going. Dreading the meeting as they keep asking me when I will be back.


Really sorry to hear your news. I had hell at my previous workplace, and would advise you go to a solicitor dealing in employment law. Try phoning ACAS for some help with this. They were most helpful for me, as was my Union, but in hindsight, a solicitor was best.


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