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Leflunomide blood test results

Have just got the results of my last blood test. GP rang me because my haemoglobin levels were a bit low. He asked If I have anaemia but I don't as far as I know so wants to have my iron levels checked. I am now wondering if the problem I have been having since starting Leflunomide with worsening Restless Leg Syndrome and difficulty getting to sleep is due to the low levels of hb as I know that iron levels are linked to RLS. Anyone else had this problem?

Also although my ESR has dropped slightly my CRP has nearly doubled so not quite sure which one of these is the best reflection of my inflammation levels.

On a positive note the problem I was having with loose bowels has settled down and has become more manageable now.

I have got an appointment with my GP on Thursday so will hopefully get some help with my RLS. I suppose I will get myself sorted out eventually !!

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Hi jeanjack

Hope you get sorted at docs on Thursday. I have had anaemia badly many times in my 21 year history of RD. The doctor will prob be checking your Ferritin levels which is the iron stores. For some reason my hb would be a bit low but easily fobbed off but when I kept complaining of a sore mouth to doctors and dentists eventually someone thought to check my ferritin levels which were very low indeed. I was on iron tablets for 5 years to sort it out. Glad the loose bowels have settled. Hope the gp can help the rls. Take care KiKi x


With any long term inflammation there is a risk of having a lowered blood count. Yes, have your iron levels measured in case it is that, but sometimes it is just due to the effects of the inflammatory process "anaemia of chronic illness". Low iron levels can be corrected, the other needs your disease process to be under control.

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