Blood test results and help needed please

Hi I received a call today from my drs saying I need a repeat blood test for my iron levels and my platelets in 6 weeks platelets are 131 and my iron 137.i started an increase of mtx 2 weeks ago to 17.5 alt was 34 and esr 8,which I know are both fine.can anyone give me any advice on these reading please,many thanks love Michelle xxx

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  • Hi Michelle, I have had bad readings on platelets, and have had to come off medication through it. Once they return to normal then I return to medication. Have had nothing wrong with my iron though.

  • Thanks George,are my platelets very low do you know? I'm anaemic anyway due to heavy periods,so mtx has made it worse i think as I take 400 mg a day of iron already !!

  • I can only go on my own results and for my blood tests normal platelets are above 150, so 137 is only just under. My iron readings are measured in dl and for me 137 would be high, not low - but could well be that your lab uses different measurement units so this could be totally different for you. Maybe give your doc's office a ring and ask them? Polly

  • If you can get a print off from your GP's reception then it should have the normal range written in on the last column from the lab so that would be the best way. I have never had any problems apart from with my liver ALT and AST. Tilda xx

  • I dont get tested for iron (as far as I know) but when some of my results were a bit off once, my GP just said to wait to see if the next blood tests were okay in case it was just a one off. I go every 4 weeks - your ESR of 8 is wonderful - isnt that almost downt o normal? I'm envious. Go back as suggested but see if your GP can explain more.

    Lynn xx

  • Hi everyone and thankyou for your replies i do appreciate it,as we all get worried from time to time and it really helps doesn't it.well they have rung again and told me its just my platelets not my iron levels(hgb) that are low,so that's really good,retest in a few weeks but I'm back end of march for my four weekly blood test anyway so will have it all checked then.and yes Lynn my esr is 8 which is wonderful and does show how I am feeling,very well for now !!! But we all k ow how that can change,but I am pleased its 8 as was 28 Christmas,so mtx is doing its magic there.

    I will make you all laugh though,because she said I was low on iron last night I done a meal full of green veg lol, washed down with orange juice lol !! Another huge glass of orange juice before bed and thinking of what to do tonight to build up my iron levels,but now I can relax on that lol !! But I suppose it wasnt a bad dieting and eating healthy anyway.thankyou all again and i will let you all know what results are at nxt blood Michelle xxx

  • Hi Michelle i was given a list of normal ranges for all blood test results from the Nuffield yesterday,And that shows that it is slightly low as it should be between 150-400, Hope you don't have to change the meds as you have been doing quite well on them xxx

  • Thanks shirl,going to work now but send me an inbox about ur day yday and I will chat with you tonight.i hope you are resting and make sure you do today too,lots of love xxx

  • hi michelle .. did you speak to your rheumy nurse ? if your GP is anything like mine ,, anything slightly out , and he wants a re test .. " not a bad thing though " when i contact my rheumy nurse now ,, she always says its nothing to worry about ,, its just your GP been over sensitive .. still best to be over then under ,, as they say ... esr 8 :)))) xx

  • Morning Andy !! Yes nurse rung,iron (hgb is fine at 13.7 they told me 137 at surgery,made a mistake but nurse said platelets slightly under normal range,she also said they have dipped 3 times previously but always popped back up so that's reassured me,she said they would always ring if anything was serious,but she wouldn't have rung me for that but was keeping an eye on it for me.and yes !!!!!! My esr is 8 !!!!!!! How fantastic eh Andy,its never been too high,28 at highest but 8 is now normal I think !! Lets hope it continues this way :))) have a Great day Andy xxx

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