Time off at last

Hope everyone has had a good Christmas and all been pain free, I have been at work throughout the festive period and at last got 3 days off and now all I want to do is sleep, am so tired now. I have managed to get through the Christmas shopping and the wrapping up of presents. We kindly got invited for Christmas dinner at my sisters and it was lovely and had another lovely boxing day at my nephews so did not have to cook and managed to stay there until 9pm. But did feel pretty terrible that we had to leave so early. I have been excited for this weekend as Kat my daughter and partner are coming for our Christmas dinner tomorrow with my son Jack. And now when I can at last get the house sorted and the baking done I am so tired I can hardly move! I somehow have to get motivated to get the baking done for Kat`s Christmas present and sweets to make and I am sat on the bed so tried and cannot move!

My meds have just been upped to 15mg of methotrexate instead of 10mg am having a lot of feeling sick and stomach ache for about 5 days out of the 7 and have tried by taking 2 tablets of folic acid a day before and a day after but to no avail and also eating ginger biscuits so will see what the nurse says in Jan, she did suggest might go on injections instead. also take 7.5mg of steroids and 60mg of codiene with paracentimal up to 4 times a day, but am finding don`t need as many as that while am at work.

But the biggest thing is the tiredness, I do normally try to rest when I come in from work, but this week have had so much to do I have not rested and I suppose my body is insisting I have to rest now! but wish it would insist have to rest on Monday instead. I know if I said to my daughter could not do the baking she would understand, but I do not want to disappoint her. Its me making the rules thinking I can do all the things I would normally do. I maybe have not quite accepted this disease yet!

Thanks for listening just needed to get it off my chest.

Happy New Year to you all.


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Could you buy the baking instead?

You are beating yourself up about your body telling you that it can't do something. From my experience that makes me feel worse as I'm struggling against it all the time.

Have a rest first, then think about what you HAVE to do, not what you would LIKE to do to please someone else. You are no good to your daughter if you have done the baking and got the house "sorted" and then you are so unwell that you cannot enjoy being with her the following day.

If you need to buy the things for her, be up-front and say that your priority was to be well enough to enjoy being with her. She should appreciate that much more that the baking!


Thank you for your advice. I did manage to do some baking something easy and did buy some things too. My daughter was very understanding and basically told me off was getting into a state. And like u said she would prefer me to be well enough rather than do all what I wanted and be in bed. The Christmas dinner went well yesterday and both my son and daughter enjoyed it. I asked James my guy to peel the potatoes and all the veg and that a big help. Kat my daughter kept asking if I wanted help so she helped too and Jack my son and Jim washed up all the mountains of pots. So in the end it was a joint effect. And I was able to join in and enjoy the occasion. Today Kat and I are going to town on a short shopping trip and then I will be dropping her off at the station for her Train to return home.

Thank you once again for your kind advice.

Happy New year to you all. Xx


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