Well I got there had a brilliant time. Some of you may know that I haven't been away out of this wee bungalow now for nearly 5 years. I was diagnosed with RD 4 years ago and what a journey that has been......

Anyhow I was in great form and almost pain free for two years due to the wonder drug Abatacept and so myself and two neighbours booked a C'mas city break to gorgeous Edinburgh. Unfortunately for me about 5/6 weeks ago the drug has stopped doing its magic for me and I am slowly sinking again. I'm sero negative and can't take MTX so I am limited to what drugs I can tolerate. I have been told there isn't another drug available to me for the foreseeable future so not in a great place at present......anyhow, I went on with my holiday and did I ever enjoy it.

I was so determined to have a great time and I succeeded. Me and my friends had a wonderful time in this beautiful city. I met the nicest people, eat lovely meals, saw stunning architecture and even managed a wee bit of shopping.

At one point I had to leave my friends in a frenzy of shopping and find somewhere to sit down..... like a true Irishwoman I found a stall in the beautiful German Market that sold Guinness and mugs of Gluevine with a dash of Ameratto (spelling?). £7.00 a mug,but I got to keep the mug, and well worth it. I found a bench facing the 'Edinburgh Eye"....got talking to a lovely local woman called Cathie and her daughter April.....the warm wine was beginning to work its magic and the three of us ended up singing The 12 Days of Christmas to the amusement of passersby.....

Being an animal lover I also chatted with two darling homeless men who had their dogs with them. Poor men, my heart goes out to them, but they both told me that their much loved companions are their first priority when getting a place to sleep for the night....we are so lucky to have all that we have, aren't we?

There was sooooooo much I wanted to see and do but I just didn't have the time or sadly the energy. From beginning to end 3 days in Edinburgh was as good to me as a fortnight in the Bahamas!!!!

Back home now and still floating....even if I can't get off the sofa! Not complaining though....see the lovely Dr Armstrong on Jan 14th and he will sort me out with something, he always does bless him.

My two wee dogs were staying with a good friend. They pined for me but were still very good and nearly knocked me over when we were once again reunited......fab welcome home.

Well that's it.....still beaming, half of me is still in 'the old town' half here stretched out on the sofa with the dogs giving me 'that look' which means get up, get dressed and take us to the park.....all dogs loves know 'that look' very well!

In spite of everything I will have a lovely C'mas now and I hope all of you do too. I know what its like to not be in a nice place at this time of the year, I've had my share of them too so I know what I'm talking about.....but there is also hope too for better times to come. There is so much available to us now to help us. There are great drugs for pain relief and therapy's for our often awful sympthoms. I know it can take awhile but don't give up.....please.

Have a very Happy Christmas and New Year too.....however you celebrate it.....also a huge thanks to everyone here on the site for all your support and words of wisdom. Also to those in the back ground who offer us so much advice and guidance throughout the year a heartfelt thanks for all your hard work...where would we all be without you?

Jean XXX

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  • Well, that certainly was the tonic you needed Jean! And all those memories you can go to in your more iffy times. I'm so so pleased you managed as much as you did & that Barney & Kells were well looked after but still obviously so pleased to see you home!

    I hope you have a good meeting with your Rheumy & he works his magic again. Rest up for the mo & I wish you a peaceful & happy Christmas & a positive New Year. x

    PS giggled at gluevine, did it stick all your insides together lol?! :D

  • I wish! XX

  • So glad you managed a change of scenery. Hope the pay back does not last too long. Its nice to have something to look back on. Farm

  • Loved every minute of it.....still on a high even if it is a very fatugued one.....thanks for the reply. X

  • Sounds like you had a fantastic time. On bad days I sit back & live off the 'memories' & feel fortunate that I've had lots of happy ones. Take care & merry Christmas x

  • Delighted your Edinburgh trip went so brilliantly - it is great to set ourselves challenges and meet them too - it reminds us of what we still have and what we can do if we set our minds to it. Take care and have a lovely Christmas. Twitchy x

  • Thanks Toes, IIIIII'm so proud of myself, I really am!

    Great to see all the 'usual suspects' on here replying to my posting.......thanks. XX

  • that sounds a wonderful trip its so easy to get used to being in the same four walls ,I was only thinking today I am always in pain and avoid doing thing for fear of more pain ,but if you don't do something life gets very lonely ,you have given me the strength to take a few more chances in the year to come at least when in pain you have new memories have a great Christmas and a wonderful new year.

  • Thanks for your thoughts junebee. It can be difficult and we may pay a bit of a price for it but as you say........the memories!


  • Glad you had a lovely time here and that your treatment keeps working. Have a lovely Christmas and new year xc

  • Cathie, what an outstanding city Edinburgh is...you are so lucky. Of course people come to my country and say the same things but whe you live day by day in a place you stop seeing its beauty.....would do us all no harm to have a look at whats good and beautiful about our part of the world.

    I am very well aquainted with Glasgow and know its people and have huge love and respect for both but Edingurgh is simply stunning! I had my breath taken away at every corner I turned....and the people, just lovely. Very helpful, smiling and welcoming.

    Unfortunatly I have had to take to the sofa this past few days. I had my local animal shelter montly collection to do yesterday other wise I wouldn't have been out. Now thats done I just have a few food things to get tomorrow and then thats me finished.....

    I hope you have a great C'mas and New Year and thanks for being a great friend on here. All the very best. XX

  • I'm glad you saw the Christmas market - I've only been able to get out and see things from the car because of my RA. It is a lovely place to live and we're quite close to the centre so things are handy. I hope you feel a bit better before your christmas celebrations. We're expecting my partners family any minute now but i have a special dispensation to retire to bed if the 11 guests get a bit much! You have a lovely holiday season too, and watch out for the longer days now.


  • 11 guests!!!!! are you wise? Anyhow, all we can do is do our best. People can be understanding and see to themselves.....if they can't then its no odds about them!!

    Enjoy it anyhow.....getting together with people is what its all about...have a great time Cathie and thanks for all your support and help over the year. XX

  • Hi Jeanabelle60 what a lovely uplifting post, I think perhaps I enjoyed your Edinburgh trip nearly as much as you did thanks for that. Scottish people are so hospitable and no matter what part you go to, there is always someone that will come up and have a chat with you (I'm biased cos' I'm Scottish) I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year and don 't suffer too much from your wonderful escapade.

  • Bencar, i have said it before but I thinks of the Scots as my Celtic cousins, we have sooooo much in common. I will be back again as soon as I'm fit that is deffinate. Glad you enjoyed the post...have a great C'mas and New Year......I'm on the sofa but still floating......all the very best. XXXX

  • Lovely to hear about your trip Jean! Have a wonderful Christmas :)

  • Wonderful J so pleased for you xx luv Edinburgh x

  • Allanah......I had such a great time.....you have no idea how much I enjoyed it, every bit of it. XX

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