Well yesterday I set off for the hospitalwith my tiny phile of gold and my first wee of the day to begin my new treatment. When I got there I handed over my bits and pieces to Bronagh, my Rheumy nurse. She was away a minute or two when she came back to tell me that she couldn't start my new treatment as I had an infection....she said the dip stick lit up like a C'mas tree!

This is not the first time this has happened to me. I have infections frequently but no, I repeat, no symptoms what's so ever. Has anyone els ever had this? Am I some sort of weirdo?

Sample is being sent away for analysis and I will know late Thursday what happens next. Bronagh thinks a course of antibiotics and then we will try again. I was so hoping to get started on my frustrating when I don't have any signs of an infection, no urgency, burning, pain, blood.......nothing but sure what can I do?

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  • It has happened to me a few times no symptoms of infections then i have symptoms and nothing shows up i am at a loss nothing ever straight forward hope you get sorted and get started on your gold injections

  • Thanks beecky, now I don't feel like a weirdo! J XX

  • No, you're not a weirdo Jean! I've had raised WBC's, from samples taken mid flow on the morning of Rheumy appointment days. No sign of blood, in fact quite a pretty shade, no tell-tale smell, no needing to go urgently & no indication of infection, no pain at all. A week's course of antibiotics & the re-test is clear of infection. Who knows why it happens but I'm sorry it's delayed you starting on your gold injections, I know how you've been looking forward to it! Let's hope it's something & nothing, the test comes back ok & all that's needed is a week's worth of antibiotics. Take care. x

  • What is a 'tell tale smell'......god I know nothing do I? I'll check in the this!

  • Just not normal, can't say specifically, but it's not like it should be lol! I guess it's alongside the lines of when you know something's just not right, a not nice smell, can't think of how else to describe it! Whiffy wee? :O

  • Oh very good indeed 'whiffy wee'......hilarious! XX

  • Smells fishy when there is infection. You could try taking cranberry tablets as cranberry is well known as a bladder antiseptic. Clemmie

  • I've had frequent UTIs, often symptomatic, for the past 4 years. Not so much as the flicker of a candle light, let alone christmas tree lights, with my dip tests as they rarely show any signs of an infection unless it's got a grip. Docs have told me the reason why I get very little in the way of symptoms is to do with my compromised immune system, be it due to immune suppressing meds and/or through my RA.

  • Wouldn't you just know the dreaded RD had to be lurking around somewhere. When I was younger I had my share of UTI's but back then I think I had ALL the symptoms going. It makes sense then that now that the symptoms are being suppressed due to my RD. Thanks for that. J

  • My tiny pee-phial on Monday was the colour of my favourite tipple - dark rum and blackcurrant - and I haven't touched a drop since February!

    I'm awaiting test results but shall not be taking 20mg Methotrexate tomorrow as nurse at GP practice prescribed 7 days' Trimethoprim 200mg x 1 twice per day as a precaution for urinary symptoms. However, I will not be taking her advice to stop the anti-biotic if I feel OK after 3 days, and store the remainder for future use! I'll check with Rheumy nurse when it would be considered safe to resume Mtx. Our local pharmacist was adamant that I should complete the anti-biotic course.

  • I knew I spelt phial wrong......I just could not remember, knew it started with a p.....anyhow I haven't heard back from the Rheumy clinic so I'm no further forward.

    I know everyone is waiting with bated breath if I had 'whiffs wee' first thing this morning......well my sense of smell is not great, comes from my Fathers side of the family, but I did stick my head down the loo and I have to say it was far from smells go. So seems I'm not symptom free after all.

    Wishbone said she/he was told it it because of our compromised immune systems....that I would believe. I'm with you about finishing the is a course for a reason.

    Dark rum and black that is a smell I would savour.

    All the best, Jean.

  • I confess: I had to look it up!

    Every time I have cod & chips I have "fishy" pee next morning!!

  • LOL......X

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