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We survived

We have a few small limbs in our 5 Acre yard to have to dispose of, other than that and not having power for about 24 hours we came through hurricane Irma with no problems! Thank God! Every thing is back to normal! Thanks to all for caring! If you went through the hurricane I hope it was not to bad for you! Let us know, please! I feel for the people in other areas that did not fare as well!

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Glad you ok and made it through alright.

Yes thoughts with those who were not so fortunate.

Take care.




I'm glad to hear you escaped unscathed. It's a blessing given the awful conditions we heard and saw on the TV. Those poor souls so badly affected by it have been on my mind a lot.



So glad it wasn't too bad for you. The power of nature never ceases to amaze me !


Very happy to hear you got through it well. I grew up in Houston. Many of my friends had so much flood damage from Harvey. The US has had a lot to deal with from the hurricanes to the vast wildfires in the west/north west.

You deserve a medal for toughing out Irma. Again, glad you are ok.


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Gosh Yes! Our community sent donated supplies and first responders to that area! Please let me know how you family is! Praying for them, and of course our news only covers the Latest tragedies! So we will never know anything about the survivors! To loose everything you own over night has to be like no other feeling! If you know of a local charity that is credible let me know and I will share that information with friends!


Yes, God bless those first responders! You can't help but hurt for those who lost so much. The power of prayer is a mighty thing, to see the trace of God's hand in many circumstances of neighbor helping neighbor.

Again, so glad you are alright!!


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