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Can Leflunomide make RLS worse?

I have suffered with RLS for many years which affects my legs when I go to bed but have been fairly well controlled with Pramipexole. I have been taking Leflunomide for two weeks now and have noticed that my RLS symptoms have got worse. The last few nights have been really difficult and even after trying various things to get some relief it's still been about 2am before I can get to sleep. I am beginning to dread bedtime now not knowing whether my legs are going to be calm or if I am in for another restless night.

I would be interested to know if anyone else has noticed that their RLS has got worse when taking Leflunomide?

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I've been on Leflunomide for about 10 years (approximately). I used to get RSL before going on it, but not had it since. Some say RSL is connected to low iron count. I noticed mine stopped after the menopause, which coincided with my iron count going up when it used to be quite low.


I've had RLS for about 45 years now becoming increasingly worse over this time. I tried taking two Pramipexole tablets last night instead of my usual one and that calmed things down and I got a decent sleep at last. I did google my question and only a handful of people found their RLS got worse while taking Leflunomide so perhaps it's just a coincidence that my condition got worse at the same time as starting Leflunomide and I just need to increase my medication.


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