Are doctors "accidentally" making arthritis worse?

I've read from true statements of what i will say here and i wont link sources bc if you don't know then you can research at your own free will either way im not here to change minds . It's said that NSAIDs can make arthritis worse. My own experience is the medicine messed with my stomach bad only in a weeks time of taking it and now i completely refuse to take anything relating to "temporarily pain relief" i just dont understand how things like this exist. But anyways i have also came across That weed cream can make arthritis pain relief a true possibility for some maybe. They even say it can cure arthritis in a "way" meaning im not saying completely boom it's gone im saying it's a progress that's possible. But just research on your own. internet isn't always correct. Im also only 18. And very scared about my symptoms lately.

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  • People certainly shouldn't be prescribed NSAIDs without a stomach protecting drug. I've had a gastric ulcer but found a lower dose of naproxen works very well without flaring up any acid in my GI tract.

    My rheum said that they are now suggesting people take NSAIDs as and when required as they are learning more about the risks, particularly cardiovascular risks.

    I've certainly not seen any reputable research on NSAIDs making arthritis worse. There are so many different types of arthritis, so I'm unsure as to how this overarching statement could be made.m

  • NSAIDs arent just "pain relief" - they are actually very effective antiinflammatories - particularly for certain types of inflammatory arthritis (like spondyloarthritis). They aren't usually the first option for RA, as disease modifying drugs (DMARDS) are a much better long term option, however NSAIDs shouldn't be dismissed. As crashdoll has said, there are stomach protecting meds that can be taken alongsde NSAIDs if you do need to take them.

    When you are checking research, do make sure it is properly validated research (usually referred to as peer-reviewed research). Any research needs to not just be done once, but repeated by different teams of doctors, getting the same results. A lot of the so-called research evidence you find, particularly for alternatives to traditional medicine, are actually quite dodgy research, and what they appear to show isn't really the true picture, or can't be repeated if someone else tries the same experiment. There is an awful lot more proper scientific knowledge now about how RA attacks your body, and this knowledge is what is being used to develop meds that really do work on stopping disease activity, especially if you start taking them early so there isn't any chance for permanent damage to develop. Things like your weed cream may give you temporary relief, but it is highly unlikely that it will actually do anything to the underlying disease. If you rely on this kind of "treatment", then in the long run you just aren't likely to get your disease under control. Having said that, there is nothing wrong with looking for alternative treatments (with the OK of your rheumatologist) to use alongside more traditional (and proven effective) treatments.

  • My doctors can't even refer me to a rheumatologist because I came back negative for RA and AI but i keep having symptoms and ib 800mg just didn't work for me. I get its not reliable info that's why i put it that way, to see what you guys think.

  • You can still have RA if your blood work comes back negative. This is called seronegative RA. If you live in the US, contact your State medical board and make a complaint. Then see another GP and tell him you may have seronegative RA and you need to see a rheumy to verify this.

  • I have seronegative poly arthritis which my specialist spotted straight away. Ask for a second opinion. If you have the symptoms without the blood confirmation it doesn't mean you haven't got it!

  • They should refer you anyway! Seronegative bloods are more common than one realises. Ask the Doc again! There are other tests available!

  • There is an increasing amount of eveidence that NSAIDs can cause problems, both short (mainly stomach bleeds) and longer-term.

    There is also an increasing amount of evidence that PPIs (the '...oprazoles') are also not good in the long-term. They were never developed for long-term use and are being implicated in various health issues.

    There is little to no peer reviewed evidence that cannabis cream (or any other form) has much effect on anything, but there is a lot of research being done at the moment to establish whether it may have a medical use.


  • Thanks for posting that FDA article. I'm very wary of NSAIDs and I get told by my family that I should take them "as they are prescribed by the doctor". I prefer to use them as required: if I need to walk somewhere or stand for a long time. (I have PsA and its worst in my feet)

  • Hi I'm sero-negative and have RA and OA have had it since 2014, dmards didn't work now on biosomar Benepali 50mgs and 20mgs mexetrexate

  • If you don't mind me asking? How old are you? I'm 18 and i sometimes wonder if i could have both but I'm not the rheumy to say as much but still i like to try to figure things out on my own.

  • Last year I had taken NSAIDs to the point my liver was screwed and so my doctor took me off them entirely. Not pleasant because my pain, inflammation and emotions were all over the place without the NSDAIDs. Steroid injections in my knees (I have OA as well as RA) stabalised things for a month or so, but you cannot keep having steroid injections at will.

    After research, I went down the road of correcting my liver by giving it friendly foods (eg avocado). The liver can be very quick to correct itself. Once I realised my liver was actually healing (as blood tests indicated), I then continued and thought what else can good food help with...

    There is a LOT you can do yourself. I learnt I could take charge of my own life and my own issues. The following months were hell, no doubt about it. My MTX wasn't started until the liver was properly recovered. By that time I had decided to alter my diet. Between the MTX and my dietary changes I am in recovery, and am now in discussions about reducing MTX to come completely off all meds. I need to prove to myself at least whether its the MTX or the diet that rules my body & my RA.

  • Hi sorry you are finding it difficult to find reliable information on the internet. Please look at our NRAS website most of our articles are written by health care professionals. Here is the link : . if you would like to ring our helpline to talk through any of your concerns we are open 8.30-4.30 monday to friday our number is : 0800 298 7650.

  • Sorry I didn't get back sooner I'm 51 had RA first then got OA a year later

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