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hello, i had a pip assessment earlier on this week by capita. the woman asked me to make a circle with my thumb and index finger and then she pushed her index finger through the circles.

i am really perplexed by this test and wondered if anyone knew what it is for!

if anyone has any ideas, i'd really love to hear!

have a good weekend everyone… hope it is pain, achy, stiff, fatigue free one!

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  • Sounds strange to me lol.

  • How weird! LOL.

  • Hiya dillie. This was one of the things my Consultant asked me to do when I first told her my symptoms when she diagnosed carpal tunnel. I couldn't make a circle & she said it was because the nerve wasn't allowing me to. If it wasn't for that the only other things I can think she may ask you to do that for is to test how much flexion you have in your hands (how stiff they are) or how swollen they are but I would think that is less likely. I've not had a date for my assessment yet but maybe someone who has will have been asked to do the same & questioned why. I usually ask "why?" or "what does it mean?" if I can't do something I'm asked to do whenever I'm examined & don't know why or not had it asked of me before but if I forget it really nags at you doesn't it?!

    Hope you have a good weekend too!

  • Hi,

    My assessment was month or so ago. I had to squeeze the assessor fingers and I there were some physical things he should assess but he said he did not feel comfortable asking me that. I suppose it depends on your main problem areas what you may be asked to do - mine are knees, R shoulder and hands. Farm

  • Yes I was asked to take that test too. I refused to do it with my right hand as I didnt want my sore fingers touching but did it with my left. Totally ridiculous test which proves absolutely nothing in my opinion. X

  • gosh paulywoo! i could put my fingers together, and that is despite the fact that the previous friday i had an ultrasound scan that showed inflammation still in my wrists and fingers! it was easy for me to do this move…but ask my to turn my hand over, my wrist will be in severe pain. i have 24 hours pins and needles and if you look at my fingers they are swollen and red hot, but i can still move them. 6 months ago i couldn't have done that move. what a silly test! if its based on this test, i feel that the real signs of inflammation were overlooked - oh bah - it seems like they have a one size fits all physical examination, but as we all know RA affects people in different ways at different times. i really don't like the way we get tested for pip for RA.

    but thanks everyone for replying anyway!! watch out for this test if you are waiting for your pip assessment!!!

  • i did it easily and feel like i done some exercice to my fingers.thank you sir.

  • I got this test too, didnt really see the point if it. I too have my worst pain in my fingers wrists and shoulders, yet they tested my feet and ankles lol, I hope you are successful and get a good result as it seems the tide is turning for RD sufferers x

  • I had to hold the tips of the assessors fingers and keep hold of them whilst she tried to pull away. I thought some of the exercises were quite strange. Good luck with the outcome xx

  • I can understand having u make e circles, but her sticking her fingers through, well that just baffles me. Lol

  • I can see them asking to make a circle, (if your main issues are with your hands and wrists)

    Today I cant make a circle...but i can touch thumb tip to finger tip so its more like a flattened oval as opposed to a circle...but why would she put her finger through the hole is beyond me...perhaps if it fits you fail and if she cant get it through you pass....oh my strange things indeed......maybe they purposely like to confuse people, make people crazy wondering what the point of it is....yes that would indeed drive me crazy! Im sorry they subjected you to silly things. On the flip side, I hope you get the services that you need!


  • My GP asked me to make circle - it hurt the muscles in my top arm, which weren't stretching. It was actually done to assess the muscle loss in my hands in my hands which is hastening the progression of my OA.

  • I think it is to test, firstly that you can touch index finger and thumb together (I used not to be able to, but improvements mean I can now) and secondly the strength of the muscles - if you can stop her pulling them apart the muscles are strong (my are rubbish).

  • thanks to everyone again for their replies… it means a lot to me!

  • A late replier helped me here as I just found out it was you who asked this question dillie. If you didn't see my update after I had my assessment, my assessor asked me to do this & it's to see how good your grip is, finger & thumb tips. The less resistance & easier they can force through the poorer the grip. Hope the not knowing didn't drive you daft! :)

  • These tests - pinch grip and wrist grip have absolutely no clinical significance whatsover. I asked my GP. They should be done with a machine called a dynamometer. They have been made up by Atos, because even people like myself with a neurological condition and osteoarthritis can usually do them once. What it feels like when you do it doesn't count.

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