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Another day, another oddity

Hi y'all

Been having a few days of feeling fluey and generally blurrgh with little energy, etc, etc - I'm sure everyone knows exactly what I mean! I'm used to all sorts of oddities popping up during these lovely special times but today brought a new one. I happened to glance at my right hand while getting ready for work this morning and saw that the knuckle on my middle finger was red (nothing new there) and my index finger was purple for almost the entire length along the inside edge and top. Strangely though it didn't hurt significantly more than usual and certainly nothing like you'd expect it to from the look of it. Oddest of all though is that all that purple discolouration had completely gone by midday. I rather wish I'd photographed it to prove to myself I wasn't dreaming it! Has anyone else had similar things occur or am I just even stranger than I thought I was?

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I don't know, I do get what looks like bruising around my knuckles, but not quite so extensively as you describe. Definitely worth mentioning to the rheumy, I think.


How odd! I was thinking it could be a burst blood vessel but for it to go the same day doesn't fit. Certainly something to mention whether you're at your GP's or Rheumy, whichever is soonest.


I had something like what you describe a while ago. A finger almost visibly swelled up and was purplish. It didn't hurt particulary and I assu it was part of a flare. It went down and normal colour restored quite quickly- hours


Hi Misty,

Often with swelling, the pressure on blood vessels can restrict the flow of blood. As you used your hand more during the day, it eased the pressure and the blood flowed better. That's what I assume when it happens to me. I have often longed to know which symptoms are caused by the condition and which ones are side effects from drugs.

Regarding feeling fluey - it's always important to drink a lot of water to flush out toxins, not only from the drugs, but also from what we eat, drink, breathe in, pick up from the atmosphere, etc. If you don't drink enough, instead of the toxins being washed through the kidneys, they are dumped into the blood stream and can cause a muzzy head, nausea, and even flu symptoms. Ultimately they will overload the liver and cause you to be unwell. I drink at least 8 tall glasses of water every day and the puffiness and dryness has gone from my eyes!

Hope you feel better now that your finger is back to 'normal'.


Thanks guys - I'm feeling marginally less of a freak of nature now ;)


This is a shock to me. ....just 'being diagnosed and reading all my symptoms from all of you. Is it normal for something like overusing your shoulders for 2 days , didn't really hurt til next morning, after moving, to cause pain that has been excruciating for a month? And haven't felt like myself since. ....hurt all over, allergies have me injecting a serum to stop them from causing sinus infections, eyes burning and watering.....NO ENERGY. Does it come on that quickly?

My brother had it, and was treated by the doctor his wife worked for with low dose antibiotic. ..he said that it went away

..anyone else hear of this?


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