The steroid kicked in

After your lovely responses to my first post, I called the Rheumatology dept at the hospital and spoke with the nurse who are assured me that can take up to a week for steroid injection to kick in and advised me not to take diclofenac unless I was in a lot of pain.

As my pain was more twinges than agony I stayed off the diclofenac and lo and behold, 6 days since my jab I'm feeling so much better. More energy and focus. Feet are fine apart from the I odd twinge and my hand is visibly reduced. Yay! Interested to see if this last me through to January's appointment.

She also told me to phone her if I read anything that alarmed me so she could answer any questions. All I can say is, thank god for the NHS.

Now if only I could sleep through the night. Could someone get the baby next door to be quiet? Lol.

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  • Lol what about ear plugs Sinead?

    So pleased to read your post! I had my depo on sept 30th and it's still working so here's hoping your will get you at least to your appointment. And if it doesn't you know you can ring your lovely nurse.

    Take care kikideelili x

  • Diclofenic is a terrible drug, it put me in hospital as it gave me Diverticulitus. So ask your dr. for something else. I am glad you are starting to feel brighter and long may it continue. Hug from

  • Glad it has worked ;-) All you need now are some little foam earplugs! I used to use them for a neighbour's barking dog but they started to hurt and make my ears sore after a while but maybe OK just to use for short term. Till you've caught up on a bit of sleep.

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