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I have been struggling with shoes for a few years now and while I was reading reviews on shoes a lady said she had arteritis in her feet and the shoe were perfect .now I am talking strong walking shoes doc martins I was thinking on the lines of extra support, so I got a pair off lace ups and bingo she heaven, but they did not look good with a skirt so I got a pair of dolly bar ones they are perfect when on ,or should I say if my hand can fasten the buckle any one got any tips on helping with this.

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  • Hiya June. I always have to have Velcro adjustments for ease & exactly the reason you're struggling, I can't buckle things up so easily any more. I can also be sure my foot has support so I live in my Flyflots. Is it feasible if you found a good cobbler he could replace the buckle with Velcro? I tried some Doc Martens after someone else on here mentioned them (probably the same review!) & not only did I find them less comfy but I looked like Minnie Mouse in them lol!

  • hi we could set up a shoe shop with all the shoes that get throne to the back of the wardrobe I have boots and shoes size 5 that have had little or no use I just live in hope that they will fit on my feet one day or shoe swop shop here they come.

  • I live in hope as I've kept my faves but fear they'll never be worn by me again. They're all too high & my feet have changed shape so much in 6 years my very faves are way too narrow each time I've tried them on! :(

  • For last 8 years Ive lluved in Timberland boots (the flat ones) - luckily, I dont have to dress formal for work.

    Friends love me as often fall optimistically or forgetfully for a normal shoe only to give them away!!!

  • At a time of low pain, I switched from running shoes with orthotics to minimalist shoes and then eventually to Vibram five fingers. They look odd, but are quite comfortable and I believe have really strengthened the joints and muscles in my feet. I ended up in a year long flare where I could hardly squeeze the toothpaste, but never in all that time did I have problems with my feet (whereas previously, I couldn't tolerate standing - even with the orthotics). Going barefoot as much as possible and wearing minimalist shoes has also help reduce hammer toe and stiffness in joints for me. Right now I am wearing Lems Boulder Boots and they are great, both barefoot (toasty warm and dry on cold, wet days) and with socks,

  • I wear crocs my ra consultant said they were a good shoe to wear and they are like slippers x

  • yes I have a pair for summer they are good

  • Try a company call pavers they have a range called Loretta with velcro

  • Try Hotter shoes. Bit pricey but some come in wide fittings with Velcro or elastic. they are very comfy too.

  • I would second Hotter shoes. I have bought a pair of soft flexible leather boots that I can dance in when I'm able to dance. They were expensive but are such good quality, they look as though they will last for a long time. And they look so stylish that I don't mind people seeing them. (No connection, etc)

  • Hi Just wondered if you have looked at the Foot Health section of the NRAS website - in particular the section entitled " I have problems with shoes -HELP!!

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