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Just what I needed!!

Hi all,

Was feeling so rotten finally decided I'd better see a doctor. Luckily, there was a drop in clinic at the surgery (didn't even know they did this! )

Dragged myself down, dreading having to explain about all the drugs I'm on to a strange doc, sat watching other people being called, then my own gp came for me! What a relief!

Turns out I have a sinus/chest infection. Antibiotics, and no MTX or humira this week. Must admit it was a relief to be told categorically that I was ill, rather than blaming my meds! Although he did say that if it doesn't settle with the antibiotics, we'd have to look at the effects of the humira.

Makes my review on Tuesday look more interesting!

Still, at least I can have a guilt free rest!!! M x

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I'm sorry to hear that Mavis. What with you & Rose suffering chest problems I feel like I'm caught between you both so hope I don't get one as well in sympathy! So I'll say the same to you as I've been doing to Rose... rest up & I hope the antibiotics hit it on the head & you can get back on course soon. x


Thanks nmh, I definitely don't want to share this with you, no disrespect!!! I feel even more sympathy with Rose, it has knocked the feet from me. At least I now know that it's not all in my head!

He has given me a fairly hefty dose of antibiotics, so fingers crossed! M x


Nooo, I don't want it either! Meant to add Rose thinks the latest antibiotics are working, she sent a :) in a pm yesterday so hopefully she'll soon be able to continue her journey. It can be hard to determine some things at times & don't get me wrong but as it's knocked you off your feet you'll be more inclined to rest so with luck on your side you'll be over it sooner & back on those feet, everything crossed. x


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