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Just what I need!

At the podiatrist today for my nails to be cut. Have had a really sore big toe for a couple of weeks, or more. Tried to ignore it, in the mistaken belief that if I didn't acknowledge it, it would go away. ....even though it was nearly double normal size!

So,the big reveal as I removed my socks, podiatrist takes one glance, "well you're going to need antibiotics, how long has it been like that? " Duly chastened, I mumbled that it might have been a couple of weeks. .....or more.

Twenty minutes later, I limped out, leaving what felt like half my toe behind.

......feeling really stupid! !!

Now at home, 7 days antibiotics, feet up,toe throbbing and swollen, really fed up.

Moral of the tale. Don't neglect yourself, almost certainly pain and niggles don't go away by themselves!!! M x

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A lesson well learnt then Mavis? I hope it only takes one course to sort it. My h & I deal with one anothers feet, much as I dislike doing his & I hate it being done lol. I moisturise his (can't do cutting toenails, yuk) because he's diabetic & so particularly important to take care, he doesn't wish to end up like his aunties, now that is a lesson well learnt, I won't go into detail, & he does mine because I'm not that bendy any more. I felt quite proud, though I shouldn't, when he had them checked by his nurse last time & she commented they're the nicest feet she's seen in her diabetes clinic. x :)


Unfortunately I can't do my own, can't reach, and even if I could, I haven't enough strength in my hands to cut the blessed things. Have problems doing my hands!!!

My husband is no use, his OA means he can't do them either.

I'm lucky that my health authority provides a service for people with longterm conditions

I know I was stupid, I think I 've been so low that it just joined the long list of things that needed to be done, but I couldn't deal with. M x


Oh bless you Mavis. Well, let's keep fingers crossed it's ok soon. x


Hope the throbbing eases soon. A good time of the year, weather wise to put your feet up. Fingers crossed you heal soon! x


Thanks. Kept me awake last night, but hopefully the antibiotics will soon kick in. Have commitment s tomorrow and Friday, hope it's calmed down by then! M x


Aw, sorry about that. I'm one of the 'ignore it and it doesn't exist' school of self-care, too, and it strangely doesn't work well for me, either. Odd, no? Sending gentle hugs and fuzzy socks.


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